Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Hump day thoughts

Mac gave his last band performance and he was awesome. I was so proud of him. He even had a sax solo during a Beatle's classic. Wow. Just wow. And as he said when it was over, "well, that was the last time I'll ever perform on stage during high school." *gulp*

ITSam and I planned to take Mac and Jack (Sam's son) to a Japanese steak house and to see Thor in IMAX/ 3-D this coming Saturday. It's a last birthday gift for Mac and an early birthday gift for Jack- sort of smack in the middle of the two boys' birthdays & Jack will be 12 in two weeks. It's not Sam's typical weekend with Jack so he asked his ex-wife if she cared and she said no because she owed him a weekend; he and Jack talked about it and Jack was really psyched. He spoke with her last Saturday. He made reservations for dinner, Mac made sure he didn't have plans, I turned down a transport job and was actually online to order tickets for the movie. Sam called his exbiotch to check times with her and she canceled on him. He was PISSED! So, he got Jack on the phone. Jack said he didn't want to go because his mom's boyfriend's youngest son was having a bowling birthday party and he wanted to go to that instead. Sam is furious. I have no idea how she convinced Jack to give up the steak house he loves and begs to go to each weekend and to pass up an IMAX movie he's been begging to see for a month to go bowling, but she managed it. She's moving Jack to Florida in a month so Sam was really looking forward to this extra time. Not pretty.

Every spring my feet kill me for a couple weeks. I go from wearing sturdy winter shoes to flip-flops and sandals. During the adjustment my feet feel like they could just fall off.

I made a "crouton salad" last night which was awesome. I loved it. Yes, I know I should've taken pictures. Take my word for it and it was delish. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe! Very garlic-y which I consider a plus.

I found a vintage dining room table and chairs. It's a metal topped table- that's white- and metal legs. The chairs are soda fountain style and the seats are pink with red cherries. It's adorable. I think parents should get a graduation gift when their kids make it this far and I want this! It's at a local antique store. I'll try and get some photos to share!

The other morning we were running a little late for school so Mac used Daddy-O's bathroom. (He lets us so we weren't invading his space!) Now Mac is in LOVE with the bathroom and wants to call it his "temporary man cave." I find it hilarious.

I love cereal. When Mac was little he would go with me to the store and want some adult cereals like Special K and Mini Wheats. I always wanted the junkie kid cereal like Fruity Pebbles, Peanutbutter Captn Crunch, trix and Count Chocula. I love me some cereal and want it for dinner.


Jimmie Earl said...

Life will be a lot easier for all involved when the ex moves to Florida. Even though it will take ITSam's son away from him, it will make it easier. Hopefully Sam can see that.

Curley said...

It might make it easier when Jack moves, but it will also be harder because Sam will not be able to counteract all the ex's influence. Also might make Sam more needy of your time. I don't see anything wrong with eating cereal for dinner.

Maggie said...

JE- I know his life will be easier but he'll miss Jack for sure! I can't wait for that bitch to get the hell outta here.

Curley- I do worry he's going to want even more of me. Smother.....