Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mac & Mother's Day- early

For being such a smart kid, sometimes Mac cracks me up with his little goofs.

For example, he thought today was Mother's Day. I'm not sure why but he got it in his head that it was.

And he got me breakfast. He left the house to get some Hardee's breakfast at 10:15 am and came home with food for me, too. Without me asking. And he bought it with his own money! And didn't want me to pay him back! Now how dang cool is that?

I had to laugh a little bit, other than the fact it was Mother's Day a day early. I giggled at the amount of food he got me for breakfast. He got me the same as him: TWO sausage/ egg/ cheese biscuits, TWO cinnamon & raisin biscuits, and a LARGE order of hashbrowns. And he poured me a huge glass of oj when he got home. I had no idea where I was going to put all that good food.

I now have breakfast leftovers for tomorrow. You know, on Mother's Day- Part Deux!

I thought that was one of the nicest and most thoughtful things he's ever done. There's hope.

Mac's Mom,

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Curley said...

How sweet! What a great kid. I'll be lucky if mine says "Happy Mother's Day". Hava great day and Happy Mother's Day to you and all other mothers out there.