Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cake Decorating Part I

Somehow cooking and baking with XRay Girl involves cleaning because she makes a super big mess whenever she cooks.

She is presenting a cake decorating workshop tomorrow at school for me. Free of charge. So, since she's helping me, I said I would make her a dinner and also help with all the prep work.

So I went shopping after school for supplies.

Actually, I was supposed to leave early, about 20 minutes. But when I got as far as the parking lot 2 boys were beating the crap out of each other and there were no adults around. I couldn't break up the fight but finally several guys got there and did but I stayed with the other boys until their adults-in-charge arrived.

So I didn't get to leave early. I did go shopping and after waiting behind idiots in line at Wal-Mart if was after 5pm when I finally got home.

XRay Girl and I proceeded to make 4 dozen cupcakes, a two layer round cake and we used a cake form pan of Garfield.

Then we made 6 batches of icing and colored it, bagged it and put the rest in containers.

I also fixed, from scratch, a Greek Crouton salad and beef stroganoff for dinner, in the middle of all this.

After all the cakes were cooled, I boxed up all the cupcakes, which included finding all the containers for them to fit. I covered cardboard with foil for the Garfield and layer cake. We made a list of things to not forget to do in the morning, for her and one for me.

ITSam showed up and he helped with the clean up. I washed all the dishes that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. I ran the dishwasher. ITSam vacuumed the dining room floor and he mopped the kitchen floor. I gathered up a bunch of trash from the kitchen and then topped off the bag which involved collecting more around the house. Mac carried it to the trash can outside.

Then I went to work at 10pm to drop off all the stuff for tomorrow's event. I froze cakes and chilled the frosting and unpacked supplies.

And I forgot to take a single picture to illustrate any of it, damn it.

At least we have a nice, clean. Pin-Sol smelling house.

And a whole lotta cake to decorate.



Curley said...

Just reading that makes me tired, but it sounds like you all had a good time. The food sounds ummm!

Anonymous said...

that sounds like so much fun.. never had the talent for that...

Maggie said...

Curley- yes tired and yes fun!

Just me- thanks for reading and commenting. I love your toes! And I sure don't have cake decorating talent but I like organizing stuff and watching the kids learn. :)