Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a few more days and I can sleep and sleep and sleep...

I'm meeting myself coming and going. I can barely think straight.

I promised Mac he and I would have mom and Mac time, just the two of just. And he decided this is the week that is to occur. It must be the "senior" thing because he was throwing a fit until I committed. So............

Got up an hour early for school because I had to be there early because of an athletic award program. Went to school early. Went to program. Worked at school to teach AND run the library. Graded stuff. Got roped into filling in for the night receptionist at my weekend job (I told the boss I would cover if the lady was still sick. That was LAST week. She was still sick. I'm stooopid.) Worked that job until 10pm. Came home and did 2 loads of laundry. Argued with Mac because I was supposed to have "our time" on Monday but explained to him why I HAD to work. Did dishes. Picked out 100 pictures for his open house grad party. Worry about needing to make slide show. Slight relief when ITSam volunteered to make slide show. Fell into bed sometime after 1 am.

Worked at school to teach and run the library. Gave up on grades and attempting to teach kids who are either going home for good tomorrow so they don't care about school or angry kids who are not going home, and showed a movie. Made some business calls. Made a shopping list of what I need to get for Mac's graduation. Made phone calls about stuff for Mac's graduation open house. Discovered Mac's shorts for open house don't fit and need to be returned to JC Penney's. Went to dinner with Mac. Laughed & made fun of Mac because waiter thought I was his girlfriend, not his mom. Saw a movie with Mac. Went to Wal-Mart and stood in line behind 4 people because only 1 lane was open and I only had 1 item. Came home. Did laundry. Confirmed Mac senior picture order while I cleaned bathroom. Had a cleaning boo-boo in bathroom (daddy-), don't ask). Cleaned kitchen and dining room. Fell into bed sometime after midnight-thirty.

Got up 90 minutes early because I had to be at school for academic awards program and in my haste of trying to do 2 jobs yesterday I forgot to run my report for the program of reading stats. Went to school 1 hour early to run report. Copier broken and have to hand write report. Pissed. Burned mouth on coffee. More pissed. Got to awards. Have all 6 class periods shortened for the day because of program and afternoon graduation. Leave work. Get gift for baby shower tomorrow. Drop off illegally procured music to friend for HER graduation ceremony at her school that she's in charge of. Come home. Clean living room. Pick up 22 pair of shoes from beside front door. Do more laundry. Help ITSam fix bathroom boo-boo from last night. Confirm Mac has all his chores done. Buy stuff for graduation open house. Buy gift bags for baby shower. Give up on having enough energy to fix dinner and drive thru McDonalds. Eat. Text brother because had panic attack that I was supposed to get Daddy-O at the airport tomorrow and had forgotten. Breathed because Bro is getting Daddy-O. Write this blog post. Plan on wrapping shower gifts. Plan on scanning pictures to finish slide show for Mac's open house. Plan on coloring my hair. Plan on sleeping.

I so want this week to end. I'm exhausted. I cannot remember ever being this tired. I really can't. I am so glad that Daddy-O is coming home because 1) I missed him; 2) he's calming; and, 3) I'm hoping he'll help with small stuff because things are more fun with him and two heads and hands are so much better.

I need more than Calgon.............


Bragger said...

Whew.....wish I could help! Is there anything I can do long-distance? You need a serious drink, girlfriend!

Curley said...

Right there with you. Except I took Thursday off work and already had Fri. off. At least you aren't having open house at home. On top of all the other, I have to clean house and worry about all this stupid rain.

booknut said...

If you need any help, let me know! And Fab Finn will be done nursing next week, so I can drink again!!! We should go somewhere some night after my kids fall asleep!!!

Maggie said...

Bragger- i so wish you were here to be able to help; I really do. SO thank you for the offer!!!

We can drink- seriously drink- when we meet this summer!!!

Curly- open house will rock- I know it!

booknut- thanks, I will. And we too need a drink; though..... on second thought... last time we went out drinking, Fab Finn cam along 9 months later! bwahahahaha!