Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pre-Open House to do list...................

  • Buy a gift for a student's open house I was invited to attend because I forgot
  • wrap aforementioned gift
  • attend aforementioned student's open house
  • Attend another open house
  • get gas in car to go to open houses
  • make 100 mini- cheese cakes which means make then, let them sit up, fruit topping them and box up for tomorrow
  • go through all pix I took at graduation and find one of Mac to make into a 5x7 for tomorrow
  • order aforementioned 5x7
  • pick up aforementioned 5x7
  • find 5x7 frame for aforementioned picture
  • also pick photos to add to slide show for tomorrow
  • sync my iPod for open house music to play during slide show
  • bake brownies
  • pack extra batteries for camera
  • gather all stuff for memorabilia table and put in boxes
  • gather up platters for desserts for tomorrow
  • make yard signs so people who've never been to Alcatraz can find their way to the cabin where we are having this shindig
  • Call house parents of 2 students who are helping with set up tomorrow to confirm behavior that they can still attend
  • return movies to video store so they aren't overdue
  • Wash a load of laundry with my underwear in it or I'm going commando to the open house
  • call to see if mac's wallets arrived so people can have them at the open house
  • make a sign that says "cards" to hang up on the card box on the gift table (assuming there will be gifts given and cards...)
All this must happen TODAY- nothing here can wait until tomorrow. You should see tomorrow's list.... And as you can tell, I omitted things like eat, pee, shower....

So what the heck am I doing here?!?


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Curley said...

First batch of snickerdoodles almost done. My feet hurt. Husband alseep in recliner. My feet hurt. At least you didn't have to get the yard and house ready too. Did I mention my feet hurt. Oh yeah, and I'm really tired. See you tomorrow with the cookies. And my feet really, really hurt.