Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoes glorious shoes!!

Since I seem to be on a photo kick of late, I thought I would feature some of my new shoes. I can't believe how long it's been since I've shown off the latest in footwear. I've been neglecting the "shoe" part of my blog! Oh the shame!

I've fallen in love with the "Ballet slipper" style, or the "Chinese Laundry" shoe style, and I've gone so far to get them in red, purple, and red. )I have a pair in silver, but I think I've featured them here, back in September....) Sometimes they show some toe cleavage but I think I like 'em anyway.

I also have a super comfortable pair of flip-flops. But the soles are the memory foam so these are really comfy each time I put them on.

And finally, I totally fell in love with these boat style, slip-ons. I love the plaid and they are completely cool, in temperature and in looks. I'm watching the shoe store to get another pair just like 'em but in a different color.

My happy feet,