Monday, May 9, 2011

10- Take a scrapbook class

I took a scrapbook class, quite by accident. And for free. Yes, free.

This last weekend, Archiver's, a scrapbook chain store, was hosting a free 'make & take' project day. I happened to stumble in the store that day and had forgotten that was going on. Forgotten, I say because I get their online newsletters and knew it was scheduled but it had slipped my mind.

I was looking for a Mother's Day gift for Daddy-O (hey, he's the only parent I have left and often has to take on the role of mom AND dad to me, even though I'm almost 40 yrs old.) and the clerk asked if I wanted to do the 'make & take' of the day. Well, heck yeah I did.

Only ITSam with was with me. And it was to take an hour. And he had just spent 40 minutes waiting for me at Lane Bryant while I tried on pants. Which was not pretty.

But he said for me to go ahead and he would watch.

And he ended up helping!!!

It was cool. I got to use all their papers and supplies. I punched stuff out and got to play with some of the scrapbook/ card making toys. I used ribbon and buttons to make a flower, which I had never done before. It was pretty cool.

Everything we did was standard. What I mean is that every single person who came in was given the same materials and showed how to use the same tools and shown the template and then we could arrange it any way we wanted. It was actually 2 scrapbook pages- two completely different styles of scrapbooking. And one came with a sleeve protector.

It was pretty easy and fun to do.

I apologize in advance for my crappy pictures. I'm having camera issues (gee, how nice, just in time for graduation, damn it.) so I can't do lighting for crap (with or without the flash or plastic cover. It really seems to be a camera issue rather than a user one this time). But here's an attempt to show what I did.

Here is one page. This is a clear plastic sleeve with 6 slots. I filled 2 of them with scrapped projects. You can see one is black and the other is the green one. In the remaining 4 slots, I'll slide in pictures. In the one slot you can see little flowers and butterflies- those are to be adhered to the 4 pictures I use to tie it all together. I'm also supposed to put a picture in the yellow circle (the yellow circle on the green)

Here's a close up of the decoration panel. I have no idea what this is called. I was probably told but I don't remember.

Here's a close up of the black panel.

Here's the ribbon and button flower Sam made for me. I was having no luck with sticky stuff and ribbon. I was sticking everywhere but to the ribbon and it was nothing like a flower shape, either.

Here's a picture of a 3D butterfly that I "distressed" the edges to give it 'depth.'

Another 3D butterfly, that's dimensional (how is it 3D and dimensional, I want to know...?), without being distressed.

And finally, here's the other page, in finished form! It's the more traditional scrapbook style page think of when they think of scrapbooking. I'll drop in either 2 small picture on the green or one large one. And in the thing that looks like a piece of film across the bottom? I can add either small pictures or embellishments in those spots.

Pretty cool, eh? Don't I look talented?

And it was all free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost 40 and fabulous,


Curley said...

Wow, you did a great job. Sounds like you had a fun time.

Lilith said...

Looks awesome!

I've been reading over your list and if you need a volunteer for #4, I'm game!