Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to actually twiddle my thumbs, if I want

Here I am. The mom of a high school graduate. Wow. He's graduated and enrolled in college and only has the summer to chill out here and then off he'll go.

He has the diploma and it's signed. He had the party and it was a success (and we have a TON of cheesecakes and cookies left, if anyone wants to stop by for a little sweet treat!)

I'm relieved. And scared. And relieved. Did I mention I'm relieved?

Not only do I have this emotional stuff- whatever "this" is- but I have an entire week off. The only firm plan I have for the whole week is to go to Northern Civilization to see Lilith tomorrow. And since I have to be there to see her, I'm going a little early to take a free class at the scrapbook store, so I can do 2 fun things in one day (and I'm hoping she might be in the mood for a visit to Half Price Books.)

The rest of the week is just up to me. I can't transport kids since I'm no longer qualified, and it's not my week to do my part time receptionist stuff. I actually have a whole week off. I've been wanting a week off for how long??? I am so excited. I don't know where to begin.

And I realize that sounds like an oxymoron- where to I begin on a week off?

I can't remember the last time I had a whole week off with pay and nothing planned.

I'm excited. I have things I'd like to do but then again I also think I'd rather not plan any thing. Nor do I have the urge to make a list. I just an chilling.....



sam said...

Hop in the car and come down!


Curley said...

Ohh! Half-Price Books! Can I give you a list? Have a great time.

Lilith said...

Like you have to even ask if I'm in the mood for Half Priced books! HELL YEAH!!

Bragger said...

I have this week off too, and it's fabulous! I'll be thinking about you, if you'll think about me NEXT week, when I'm pedaling across Georgia. Again.