Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The rest of the story about my change in schedule

I believe when I last told you, I explained how my hours for summer got all re-arranged and my days became longer to compensate for the building re-construction.

There's more to the change in my schedule. My school, starting on August 1, is going to year around school. We will be at school 4 days a week, with every Friday off. This is a cool thing. We still get typical teacher breaks like spring break/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ Labour & Memorial Days/ July 4th. We are also going to be given a three week break in July, which will be our "summer vacation." This is all good, in my personal opinion. I don't mind. I mean, hello- A THREE DAY WEEKEND EVERY SINGLE WEEK?!? Com'on- that really freakin' rocks!

But.... ah yes. There's always a "but."

Remember, I'm not a "teacher". I'm just the librarian so I'm considered 'non-essential school staff'. Because of this, I have the same holidays and days off as a teacher except for summer. My job makes me work some in the summer, which if you read the post from last Friday, then you know what I'm talking about.

The biggest issue because we went to year around, my principal told me, would make adjustments to my school schedule starting August 1. All because now we have to do something about the part of my job that was summer hours. When the new schedule starts, my summer hours weren't considered. So I was given three options:
1- work longer school days next year
2-work 4 hours on 35 Fridays out of the year
3- take a $1200 pay cut.
Did I mention how excited I was about Fridays off? And a pay cut? Really? I make minimum wage based on a 30 hour week with NO health benefits and one of my choices is a $1200 PAY CUT?!? W.T.F.????

That pissed me off to no end. So, I figured out the math (Don’t ask. I’ve just started referring to it as the "Librarian Formula of Mathematical Thinking") and next year my school hours will be
8-11:30am & 12:30-3:45 pm, on Mondays- Thursdays.

Basically, I had to add 45 minutes to my school day for it to work so I shortened my lunch time to a 60 minute lunch (instead of 90) and will just work over 15 minutes longer than I do now. On days when I have to at school for meetings I can either accumulate comp. time, take longer lunches or leave early. I was NOT working on Fridays unless I just had to. And I was not going to take a pay cut.

I appreciate that I was given a choice and also allowed to make my own schedule but it just sucks that since I'm paid so little and do so much, they couldn't just roll it all in together and consider it a pay "raise."

What was really frustrating is that the assistant principal is trying to come up with extra things for me to do to get me more money- like sponsor clubs and activities during my library hours- do double duty. Then I have my Principal hitting me with this. I don’t think the APrincipal knew because it went against all he was trying to set up. In the discussion with the AP we looked at the possibility of some of the clubs/ activities could be on Fridays but it WOULD BE FOR EXTRA PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to just get in my hours.

It's all just very frustrating.

All work and no play makes a cranky...

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Three day weekends ROCK!!

What happened with the fall-out with the drive from hell?