Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thinner me, soon to be

Next week I'm going to start Weight Watchers. Before you laugh at the whole "next week" thing, I do have a real reason why I am making a week from today my start date. My friend Photographer is doing Weight Watchers and she has been very successful. Since she know I don't make much money and can't afford WW, she's going to copy all her materials for me and go to the meetings. Then she and I will have a mini- meeting and weigh-ins so I can "do" it as well. Due to her schedule and mine, we can't start until next week- something about a start date.

Another awesome thing is that I'll have all the paperwork for the points system. She and I can also exercise together. I got a discount for a Y membership and I'm giving some serious thought to signing up for it. (I also found that my school system will reimburse me $10 a month if I join so it makes it even lower.) She's a Y member so we could do classes and working and swimming at the Y. If I don't join, she can come to Alcatraz with me and do the walking and swimming at least- and she said she would be willing to do that- less crowded.

We also both like to cook so we can cook together as well as exercise and give encouragement. It's gonna be awesome! A weight loss partner! I might reach my 40 before 40 goal of losing 10 pounds. I could even lose more!!!!

Even more inspiration for me- dad is going to eat WW with me, and keep track of points. So is ITSam. And, get this, Mac is even going to give it a whirl. For a few weeks, Mac said he'd try it but if it interferes with his summer vacation he's stopping. He's already texting Photographer his favorite foods to see what the points are (chicken nuggets= 10 are 13 points).

I do feel a little need to eat junk this week. And not necessarily sweet stuff but crackers and cheeses. I want breads and olive oil to dip it in. I want chips and dip. I want pasta and shrimp and salmon. (that's probably limited, I bet.)

So I have a new adventure for next week that will, hopefully, make me skinny and make all my clothes fit. Please let that happen!!!

A skinnier me,

Oh, and let it be said here and now, I am not going to turn this into a weight lose blog, or go on and on about my points and stuff. I'll report on the weight loss but it's not going to take over my life and be all encompassing like it is for some people. Hopefully I'll have weight loss news to report!


Curley said...

Good luck. If it works I might have to check into it. Definately going back to watching what I eat.

sam said...


You'll do great! Don't get discouraged if the men in your life drop weight faster than you. Males have a tendency to do that. I know, it sucks! I used to belong to the Y. They have a "scholarship" for people who don't make much. My monthly rate was just $29 a month since my income is so small. You need to bring in your 1040 as proof of income. I never went so I canceled.


Maggie said...

Curly- I can copy the copies if you want!!! Though at your house, it's going to involve you cooking 2 different meals- i can't imagine your guys eating WW style! :)

sam- Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm excited about it!

i already turned all my paperwork for the Y and it's about the same as what you were paying!

And as for the men--- Photographer is doing WW with her hubby. He's lost twice as much weight as her in the same amount of time and gets twice as many points as she does. She hasn't killed him...yet!

Jimmie Earl said...

I am actually looking forward to this program. I needed some push and with you and ITSam and Photo and her husband Trucker all doing it, it won't be nearly as hard. And, I definitely need to drop the tonnage.
JE aka Daddy-O

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Maggie.... it is hard but you can do it....


LaLa (AKA TaDa)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

you sound really excited about your upcoming commitment, and I wish you lots of hugs and love,


Bragger said...

I lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers years ago, and I still believe it's the best program around. Keep me posted - I'm rooting for you!

Amy said...

I'm currently on WW now and it is much easier than I thought it would be. The first couple of weeks are the hardest because of getting to know everything and portion size (real eyeopener) but after that it is a lot easier.

You aren't "restricted" from anything, you just have a certain number of points and you decide what you spend them on. (btw..i eat lots of shrimp and salmon and I'm down 14lbs in six weeks)

I promise it isn't that hard and when you fall off the wagon, tomorrow is a new day that starts with new points...just keep going and take it day by day.

Good Luck!

booknut said...

Would you being willing to make copies for me? I'd like to lose weight, too! And if you do join the Y, you can sign up for Zumba with us! It's so much fun and quite a workout!