Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Miscellany from Maggie

Over this long weekend Mac needed his mom. He's completely fine but he just encountered a life situation where he needed his mom, not his dad but his mom. And he told me I was a good mom as did Daddy-O, several of Mac's friends, and XRayGirl. Sometimes it's nice to be told. And he and I bonded. I didn't realize how much his growing up was taking a toll on me. I've really missed him.

And speaking of missing things... I've thought of something I miss when not in a relationship: having someone else change the sheets on my bed and turning the covers down. I washed all of Mac's sheets and blankets and turned down the bed for him. It smells all nice and fresh. And looks so appealing and comforting I just wanted to crawl in but I knew it wouldn't be the same. I wish there was someone in my life to put clean sheets on my bed, turn it down, and tuck me in. Hmmmm, now that sounds like more like a childhood thing, but I did have relationships with a few men who did do that for me as a way to just pamper me. (I'm sure there are many other things about a man in my life that I miss but ya know, right now having someone change my bedsheets and tuck me in top the list. And a foot massage where my arch would be if I had one.)

I'm getting some Christmas shopping done. I'm pretty upbeat about what I'm getting for everyone. And Mac found a super cool watch that I would love to get him so I'm saving my pennies. He's really fun to buy for this year because he isn't all video games. Oh, he does want some game stuff, but this year he's wanting books! A dressy watch! Clothes! Shoes! Music! What fun for ME! I love this holiday!

Over the Thanksgiving 4 day holiday weekend, I emptied the dishwasher 6 times. Yes, I am thankful I didn't have to wash all the dishes by hand, but 6 times? Really? I would like everyone to hoot, holler and pat me on the back, thank you very much. I hate and despise most housework.

I realize I usually blog every day, but in the month of November I decided I was going to not only blog every day but I was going to try and not resort of pictures and memes. I almost did it. I had Johnny Depp craving that had to be sated but otherwise I did it. And you know what? I think I need to occasionally resort to a meme. But I did blog every day in November.

I think white chocolate covered Oreo cookies are the best food on Earth. I had to go to three stores to find them and I actually paid $2.99+ tax for a single box. I don't want to share them, but I completely love those suckers. They're only sold here at Christmas time so this is where the holiday 5 gain comes in. Maybe I should stop eating anything else other than Oreo cookies? Will that balance out?


Curley said...

White chocolate covered anything is ummm, but Oreos? The best. That is the reason I don't dare buy any. There would be a riot in this house. Thank you for the Johnny Depp fix. I needed that too. And last, if you can find a man who would change the sheets and give you a foot massage you would have it made.

Maggie said...

Curley- what about white chocolate covered Johnny Depp?

Curley said...

Sprinkled with crushed Oreos? Yeah!

Anonymous said...

What part of JD is covered with white chocolate and Oreo's??? ;)


Maggie said...

Curley- oh yum......

P- any part! all parts!