Friday, December 4, 2009

Looks can be deceiving

I decided to drive thru McDonalds on my 27 minute lunch hour today. I grabbed my coat off the hook and my purse, went to the office to sign out (so if there's an emergency they can find me, I guess) and when I walked out there door, there he was.

A student was running up the stairs, carrying his lunch tray, when he tripped on his too big middle school boy feet and *splat* down he went, face planting on the stairs. I paused and waited to see if this was a potential disaster or if he would be like me: pop back up and look around to see if anyone saw him hit the ground. I was prepared to pretend I was digging in my cavernous purse (think carry on suit case)for my car keys so he could save some face.

He didn't move so I jogged toward him and as I got close he raised his head up and the tears started flowing. And his face was covered, and I mean covered in red ooze, dripping down his nose, his lips, and off his chin. His hands were covered and he was bawling his fool head off.

I turned around and stuck my head back in the office and said "Austin ________ fell on the stairs and there's blood everywhere."

I ran back to the kid and told him it was okay. I helped him stand up and he could walk but he was clutching his face and stomach. By this time another teacher arrived and was helping me help him. I gave him some tissues to stanch the flow of blood, which was everywhere. (I so don't do blood. Even when Mac was learning to ride a bike, his skinned knees were taken car of by the neighbor lady because the blood made me feel faint)

By the time Austin calmed down and we could maneuver him down the stairs and toward the nurse we found out... well, the school cafeteria was serving hotdogs and french fries for lunch. Austin wasn't covered in blood at all, but ketchup! He filled one of the little sections on his tray with ketchup to dunk his fries. And it was now all OVER him and the south staircase!

Well bloody hell- he about damn near gave me a heart attack!

And I passed on fries at lunch...


PS- and Austin was fine. He suffered from a skinned knee and having the wind knocked out of him. And a bit of bruised ego... Me, on the other, well, I'll never be able to eat Heinz again!


Curley said...

OMG! That is too funny. Glad the kid wasn't hurt. He shouldn't have been running on stairs anyway. Don't suppose you made it to Mickey D's either.

Wiley said...

Ah, tripping up the stairs - my personal forte.
Hope you're feeling better, too, though I don't suppose today helped.

I'm glad the kid was ok, though.

Maggie said...

Curley- he was hurrying so he wasn't late for the chess club meeting.

And I still went to McDonald's and just ate quickly.

Wiley- I hate the falling up the stairs stuff- it seems to always kill the shins.