Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quilting Queen

I think I must be crazy! I'm planning on starting a quilting project in the next few days. I'm feeling motivated to make one.

Daddy-O bought me a really awesome book that's all patterns for quilts but all the quilts are "strip" quilts. Meaning, all the pieces are cut from strips of fabric or are strips of fabric, or just blocks. There are no triangles, no little pieces, no appliques, just strips of fabric to be cut in various lengths, which makes piecing a quilt top rather easy, and makes it a quick process, too. (If you know what a log cabin quilt looks like, that is considered a 'strip' quilt. Here's a log cabin quilt I found on the 'Net, that's made of scrap pieces. I didn't make it, though. Oh, and scrap means it's all colors, used from miscellaneous fabric, or the left over fabrics from other projects that quilters save.)

One of the quilt patterns is called a "sampler." It has 12 blocks and each block is something different. You can make a whole quilt of 12 different ones or take one block and make it 12 times. I found a simple block that I plan on using 12 times. It will take 7 different fabrics.

I own enough scrap fabric that I don't think I'm going to have to buy any. I keep picking up fabric every time I see something I like and if it's on sale I'm all over it! I love to shop for fabric, though. Every time I go in the notions department of any store, or go to a fabric store, I always have to browse and I usually come out with something. There is something special about a fabric store- all those projects just waiting for creativity to spill onto it. All the colors and textures... one of my favorite things to do, just walk around and touch all those fabrics.

Anyway, like I said, do have tons of fabric in my goodie scrap bag. I also already bought the fabric for a new baby quilt. Since the Divine Ms. K is going to get a brother or sister in June, and I made her a quilt when she was born, I have to make her new sibling a quilt as well (In January my sister-in-law is having an ultrasound that will reveal the gender and they want to know and will tell us so I can have the quilt made before the baby is even born!). I have the pattern all selected, and I have the material if it's a girl. If it's a boy I need to go shopping!

I also have the fabric and pattern to make a denim quilt for Mac. I also have the fabric and pattern to make a Texas Lone Star lap quilt for my Aunt and Uncle who live in Texas. I also have Daddy-O's quilt to finish from two years ago. Actually, I should do that first since all I have to do is the binding. It's all pieced and quilted so I should my ass in gear and finish that.

I should get sewing rather than typing about sewing. But typing about it is a lot less mess; I don't have to haul all the fabric and mat and cutting tools out. Or try and fill bobbins, read patterns and hunt for scissors. Hmmmmmmm, maybe I'll just keep looking at my quilt magazines and books and admire the handy work that's already done and keep the scrap bag in the corner!

In the mood for quilting,


Bragger said...

I've been inspired to get cracking again on my cathedral window quilt. But first I want to finish my afghan, a scarf, another afghan, maybe another afghan, probably a trillion more beanies (we'll get a whole new set of needy children next week). To heck with Hubby retiring -- I'm the one who needs to retire.

Happy New Year, friend!

Anna said...

When I use to work in the 911 call center here in town, the women would set up tables, cut squares, sew etc while waiting on calls...I would love to have the skill and patience to learn and quilt what wonderful gifts I could make for my daughters to take with them when they move on their own :-)