Saturday, December 19, 2009

I hate Verizon Wireless. Can you hear me now? I HATE them!

Verizon Wireless makes my head want to explode. (Actually, I say that often about things. It's, like, my thing to say and I say it waaaaaaaay to much. But in this case, it's really true. they do!)

Since Moving back and not having a job, I've run my cell phone bill about a month in arrears since about March. In August, I wanted to have Mac taken off my plan since his SD added him to his cell phone package about a year ago and his phone line hasn't been in use all this time. But I couldn't take him off until August because that was when his plan expired.

Only I couldn't take him off my plan since I was a month behind. According to VZW a customer can't make any changes in their phone plans unless their bill is paid in current. So, this last Monday, I paid my whole phone bill off, up to date.

Then I called Verizon, or a company that is obviously run and operated by Satan and his minions, to change my plan. This is again where Verizon gets to screw me hardcore and not even buy me dinner.

Because Mac was on my plan, were under a 'friends and family' package. Once I deleted him, I had to restructure my 'package.' I send lots of text messages so I decided I wanted to keep my unlimited texting to other VZW users, and then I have 500 messages to those who are NOT VZW. We checked my average talk minutes and I average about 260 a month- those are 'anytime' minutes. I debated going down to the 450 minutes but some months I was just at 500 minutes and other times I was just at 100- that's why 260 was an average. So I took a 900 minute package. With 900 minutes, I can pick any 5 people I want to have on a list that I can call for free at any time- not using any minutes. Also, because I dropped my 'family' package and just became a single package again (cell phone for 1 anybody?) it changed some of the perks I had. My "free" nights and weekends now are from 9pm-6pm in whatever time zone I happen to be in, rather than starting at 7 pm like it was. I also dropped my Internet usage and email from my phone. Now all I can do is talk and send/receive text messages and pictures. I can take pictures, which is a feature of the phone and has nothing to do with the horrid VZW company. All that being said, believe it or not, and will all the stupid changes and loss of perks, I will end up saving...$12. Yup, all that mess to save me $12- tax included.

I. am. pissed. I went from 1800 minutes to 900, lost the Internet and email, lost 5 'friends and family free numbers', and lost a whole phone line and I. am. only. saving. $12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS!!!!!!! HATE HATE HATE them. With a fiery passion like no other.

Now, I could make my savings be a little more. I could be a single plan, go to 450 talk minutes, drop the phone insurance, have zero 'free friends and family' lines, and drop the text/ picture messaging, and I would save about $20 more.

My stupid phone plan isn't over until January 2011. I am practically counting the seconds until I can get away from this horrid company.

One more way to be abused by Big Business,


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This might be a dumb question but once you realized it was only a small savings, why did you go through with the change? The extra minutes and other things seem worth $12 a month. The rep should have attempted a "save" on your service.

You might check other companies. Some will buy out your current plan to get you as a customer!

How is everything going?? Did you get hit by that storm?

Oh oh!!! i got a job!!

The stars musr have aligned for both of us this month!!


Maggie said...

P- Actually, when we got all the way through with the entire process and figured it out, I asked if I could keep my old plan and the operator said "no" since she already changed everything in the computer and cancelled Mac's number so she couldn't go back and fix it.

I never knew other companies would buy out old plans! I'll see if our local Sprint place will do that, which would be awesome! (Or AT&T)- thanks for that idea!

And we have some of the storm. It's snowing right this very second and there appears to be an inch of white stuff on the ground. Guess it could be interesting to see how much more will fall!

Congrats on the job! I plan on sending you a lengthy email this weekend and getting caught up with everyone! I can't wait to hear about your employment! whoot whoot to you!

Curley said...

While I admit $12 isn't much, it will get you a few more Muey, Mocha Latte's a month. Not to mention their service out here in the "boonies" where I live just "suck".

Maggie said...

Yahoo to money that would buy 3 Venti Peppermint Mochas from the Star! Good way to look at it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this helps but I have been with Att (was Cingular) since 2000 and I am very very happy with them.

Maggie said...

TM- it does help- thank you! I like recommendations. Our local Centennial Wireless company is being bought out by AT&T so I'm waiting to see what happens with them. Maybe they would buy my VZW contract?

And thanks for following, reading and commenting! :)