Saturday, December 5, 2009

From 0 to 2 in less than 24 hours!

Okay, so now.................................. I have 2 job offers, both are full time until the end of the school year only. So it's full time permanent employment until June 2010.

Apparently, the woman who had all the experience ended up getting a full time job and didn't want the maternity leave, so it's back to me. I can have it it I want it. Remember, it's teaching four periods of 7th grade writing, and 1 period of 7th grade reading. The other job I was offered is as a special education aide, where I assist as certain group of kids during the school day; I move from room to room with them. These are mostly 8th graders, with a handful of 6th and 7th thrown in during a private study hall for special education kids only called "resource."

So what do I do? Feed back would be helpful, if anyone has any insight to provide. I like the way you people think so the scope of your thought process would be appreciated.

I've compiled a PRO and CON list below to help ya'll out. (SpEd will be the special education paraprofessional job and Eng. will be short for the English teacher job)

SpEd: I like the kids. I also like my immediate supervisor. I like the challenge. There is no homework to grade, unless I want to make some extra work for myself, but it's not necessary. I would know how much I'm getting paid by the hour and I would have benefits. Everything would go into affect on Monday- pay and benefits, etc. I wouldn't have to apply for an emergency certification at all. There is a chance this position could turn into a job next school year as well; a slight chance but still a chance. I get to "teach" a reading class, even though I wouldn't be the teacher of record I would still get to be the person doing the lessons and actual classroom insturction during 2 periods a day.

Eng: I would have my own classroom and space. I would be the teacher in charge and of record, doing my own thing. I would be teaching! This position pays every other Friday. If I were paid "salaried" the money and benefits are MUCH better than the SpEd position. I like the 7th grade teachers; they're a nice and positive team.

SpEd: I wouldn't have my own classroom or space; I move around so there's no space to call my own. I have no background in special education so I'm nervous. I only get paid for days when there is school because it's an hourly position, rather than salary, so if school is canceled for a snow day, I lose a day's pay. They only pay twice a month: the 15th and last day of the month and they run 2 weeks in arrears.

Eng: I would have to see if I qualify for an emergency certification and I woulnd't know the results until around February because it's a convoluted and complicated process. If I didn't get an emergency certificate, I would get paid sub pay with NO benefits for doing all the same work as a full time teacher; so think teaching, lesson plans, meetings, grading all for $65 a day if I DON'T get it. I'm not super impressed with my immediate supervisor (who I had an important meeting with over all this in about 45 seconds as he walked from the the gym to another building and he told me to see someone else if I have questions. Hmmmmm). If I do get an emergency certificate it is good for one school year only so I would fill this temp Eng. job for 5 months and I would no longer be eligible for a emergency certification again since it's a one time thing. There is less than a 1% chance that this could be my job again in the fall- slim to non for job security. And I would not have the opportunity to teach for anyone else since I wouldn't used up my one and only "emergency teaching" certificate.

Okay, there are all the facts that I can think of right now. If I think of anything else, I'll pop it into the comments section. I have to make a decision by Monday.

No matter what I'm psyched that I'll have a job for 5-6 months! Finally a little stress relief! Trust me, I'm happy dancing over that prospect but still nervous about making the right choice since I seem to often make so many wrong ones.... ya know?



Anonymous said...

Hi Stranger,

Personally, I would go for the SpEd.

Why you ask? Not in any order:

1. A better chance of being made permanent.

2. Hourly pay...possibility of overtime. Are there a lot of snow days?

3. Liking your supervisor is always a plus.

4. Not having to apply for the certification.

5. Personal satisfaction of teaching kids who probably really would like to learn.

6. You like the kids. And they probably like and respect you.

7. Parents of SpEd kids are probably much easier to deal with.

8. The kids probably stick to the required dress code! No undies to look at!

Don't know if that helps or not.


PS It's cold and rainy. I HATE THIS! My heat is on. I just told my sister my carbon footprint is in stampede mode.

Hecate said...

I would ask myself, if I took the SpeEd position and it became permanent in the fall is this something I could see myself doing every day for awhile.

I know the English job is only temporary, but you can still look for other work while you are doing that. Something to do once school is out.

If you are looking for something long term, then take the Special Ed position.

If you are looking for more money and short term, then take the English position.

Yeah I know, not much help, sorry!

Curley said...

I told your dad that I wasn't gonna comment to this but I guess I will anyway. Go back and read the cons for both jobs. Chance for job security versus no chance for job security. Plus you will be making regular money to maybe go back to school and finish getting that teaching degree. And what happens if you don't get the emergency cert? You would be doing all the work of a teacher for sub pay and no benefits. And what happens to the difference in sub pay and teacher pay that you already got?

Bragger said...

If there's a choice between benefits and no benefits, I'd go with benefits every time. Maybe it's just my age.....

Maggie said...

P- thanks for the thoughtfulness of your response! You make some valid points. Now, I don't know how many snow days- it varies from year to year depending on the weather, but usually there are 3-5. (One year there were none and the next winter they were off school for 2 weeks. go figure!) Another thing about being a SpEd aide is that I don't have to deal with the parents; the regular classroom teachers do. Unfortunately, they have underwear issues like all the other kids, damn it.

And it snow flurried here today so I guess I could say our heat is on.

Hecate- well, nope, you're not much help- LOL! But I like that you spell out both sides for me! ;) And I have no idea if I can work with these kids long term but it would be a good way to find out.

Curley- one vote for SpEd from you! Thank you! (And why in the world wouldn't you say something? You mean here on blogland, or in real life?)

bragger- I *heart* benefits!

Honey said...

I taught the last 2 years on an emergency permit and yes, the permit is ONLY for 1 year BUT it can be renewed three times for a period of one year only. BUT (and the BIG but) you must make strides toward receiving full accreditation in the area you have the emergency permit in which means you have to take at least 6 credit hours in the area during that one year period of time for a renewal to be received.

Anyone can 'qualify' for an emergency permit; it's up to the school district of whether they want to hire someone not licensed or not in that area and they ONLY can if no other qualified applicant can be found.

There ya go... that's it in a nutshell.

But regular pay and benefits are always best! Plus do you have the money to pay for the classes that you'd need to take for the emergency permit because I doubt the school district will offer to pay for the classes.

A tough decision but I know you'll make the right one that's best for YOU.

Wiley said...

Take the special ed job. Reading the way you had written the pros and cons of both positions, it seemed to me the passion was with the special ed job. And you can't beat enjoying your work, even if you don't get paid quite as much. If the kids are good and your boss is good and it's a challenge professionally, well, to me there's not much more you could ask for in a job.

I know you'll ace whatever you do :)

Wiley said...

Oh, and I tagged you in my Christmas meme :)

Maggie said...

Honey- thanks for the information. The Dept. of Ed changes just about daily and I'm not sure that still the same rules. i hope so; I can't find that though!

And regular pay and benefits are so good.

Wiley- it's funny because one I got it all written out and looked at the list, i had a feeling my decision was 99% made with SpEd. thank you!

(And I totally am on top of the tagging!)

Shan said...

Well, I'm late as usual. And I am NO GOOD at making decisions of even the tiniest kind. I've done this about different job options and I usually go with the emotional choice whether that is a good one or not.

I read the pro's and my first thought was that the Eng job would look better on your resume. Then, I read the cons and the other one made more sense.

Then, I read the blogger comments and thought if you REALLY want to teach you should do the SpEd job and finish that degree in the process.

At the college where I went for three years(and the one I live in all these years later), they have a degree completion program in Elem. Ed that you can do one night a week. It takes two years to complete. Now that I say that, I'm realizing you are upper level Ed and would probably be closer by going as a traditional student if possible, at night or in the summer.
A degree is SO HARD to complete when you are working full time so I feel for you but I also know YOU could do it!!
It will be SO MUCH EASIER to get a job after that. You've got the experience and likability to go the distance.
School is so expensive but I can see that you would really benefit from the degree in the field you like so go for it!!! :D
I like how once you wrote the post you pretty well knew which one you wanted. It helps to see what your brain chooses to say doesn't it?
Congrats on having choices!!!! Yip Yip for Maggie!

Finn said...

Congratulations on being in the position of having to choose.

Which to take? Well, that depends...

The possibility of more money until June 2010 - but there's an 'if' in there. 'If' you qualify for an emergency certificate. I'm sure you would, but you say it's a one-off - once you've used it, it's gone. So what happens next school year?
And, important detail, you don't like or respect your line manager.

The other job, classroom assistant, it's not teaching, as such - but you like the kids, the supervisor and you like the challenge.
Hourly paid, yes, but you have benefits. And there is the possibility of a job for the next school year.

I say go for the Special Education job. But since there's no homework to mark, make your own homework - study to get whatever qualifications you need to be a full time English teacher.
If you stick with the classroom assistant job long-term, you'll always regret not being an English teacher.

Of course, I know precious little about the American education system, so I'm really not qualified to advise anyone!

Kelly G. said...

I'm a bit late here, so my reasons have pretty much already been covered, so I'll just say this:

No frickin contest. Special Ed gets my vote! And your lack of experience is not something that I think you should look at as a con. It's an opportunity that could only enhance your career.

Whatever you decide to do, congrats!!