Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The other shoe has fallen with an earth shattering ka-boom!

I don't have a cold after all. I woke this morning feeling fine; I have no idea what last night's sicky feeling was all about but thank the goddesses that it didn't stick!! However, I would say I have another ailment I haven't been able to shake for the last 13 years: I hate my ex-husband.

For the last several months he's been nice to me and I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop because he's an asshole-at-heart so another shoe HAS to drop. And when I say nice, I mean he's defended me to Mac, complimented me, and wanted to work with me to parent (our parenting skills are not even remotely close. I respect my son and treat him like a human being. Sperm Donor... well, he doesn't, but he's not human himself.) Ummmm, okay.... not! For the last 13 years since we were divorced he's belittled me, bad mouthed me to Mac and everyone who might even have heard of me been, and all around in general horror of a human being. He's been verbally abusive to me and has just made being divorced even worse than it possibly needed to be. I've wished he would die only so I would never had to have contact with him again. I am living for Mac going to college so I never have to speak to the Sperm Donor except at graduations, weddings, christenings, births, etc. I will no longer have to talk to him about MY son's upbringing.

Two weeks ago my Ex and Mac got into a huge fight and I think, after hearing the details from both of them, my Ex acted like the bigger baby. Mac should learn to leave well enough alone, to not be sarcastic and to not "out smart" his father and step-monster, but overall, my Ex acted like an immature child. Mac moved in here with Daddy-O and me since his Sperm Donor got out of control and threw Mac out of his house. He was supposed to be the grown up and not the child but alas, that didn't happen. What a fucktard! What an asshat!

So then on Sunday Mac decided the silence went on long enough and tried to talk to his Sperm Donor. Which then caused another argument at Daddy-O's house, where I tried to referee. Mac ended up furious with his father and in tears and I threw the SD out. Daddy-O was pissed and upset to the point where he left his own house.

Mac then decided he would try one more time and I called his Sperm Donor to try and pave the way since last Sunday was a disaster of Sperm Donor's making. I told him what he did at Daddy-O's was uncalled for and would NEVER happen again, and if he came here and yelled at ME or Mac again I would call the cops. I wouldn't even have a conversation with him on this property unless it was via phone. I also told him he acted childish and never listened to his own kid, even though he tried to tell me nothing was his fault. I told him Mac wanted to come home and he proceeded to tell me a huge list of 'expectations' he had for Mac to follow if he were to come home. OMG- I wanted to smack his ugly, pug, smug, fat face right through the phone.

I really hate this man. He is the King of all Jerks and lives in Jerkdom. Stupid fucking jerkoff bastard.

There is so many more ugly details to this whole torrid, sordid story so I'm going to just say that by the time I got off the phone with him tonight, I decided I will NOT talk to him in the near future. Furthermore, after I told Mac the outcome of my conversation, he doesn't want to go home any time in the near future. I wouldn't either.



Evil Pixie said...

Maybe it was some sort of sinus thing. I know I get those every-so-often. I think it is going to be a cold; I curse the Earth because I'm getting a cold; however, the next day it is gone. Go-figure!

Wiley said...

Nice use of the terms arsehat and fucktard. They sound like they are very appropriately applied - unfortunately!

Maggie said...

EPixie- maybe... I hope.

Wiley- thanks- and yes, very apropos!