Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Every time I watch the Lifetime Network (which is like, twice a year and usually because I can't find the remote control or because I'm drunk and can't find the remote) I always have an urge to write a post about how stupid this network actually it, and how much I despise their boring and stupid programming.

I know I have an urge to do this because I had written almost a whole post about it and I felt "I've done this before" and I searched the archives of my blog and lo and behold, I had done it before. Goes to show that the Lifetime Movie Network sucks and inspires writing about its suckage.

So now I have no idea what to blog about. I am not kidding. I'm sitting here staring at the screen, scrolling through other people's blogs, trolling for a glimmer of an idea. I'm looking at my old posts for inspiration. I'm gawking around the house looking for a writing trigger, and I can't think of anything.

Okay, I can think of things but my mind won't focus on what I want to say about particular topics. I think I have writers' block.

I think if I had a Krispy Kreme donut I would feel better but Mac ate the last one and then he left the empty box on the table, which made me want to smack him with the empty box while he slept but for some reason, I think it would be anti-climatic when he rolled over and shooed me away like I was a buzzing gnat. I can't believe he ate the last one. Damn. It's not like they're fresh; we have to get them at Kroger, pre boxed, but still, they're good. Brat.

I think I'm distracted by the sunshine. We haven't had any sunshine for about ten days and now it's out. Completely distracting. It makes the whole snowy world sparkle like diamonds. OOOOOO, very Edward Cullen skin-like, but better. Oh and I don't think the sunshine will melt the snow because it's still just about 14 degrees. But it's rather pretty. I do feel sorry for the mailman who is currently leaving mail in the mailbox and looks frozen and Popsicle like.

I'll be back when I'm less distracted. Have a nice Tuesday!



Evil Pixie said...

You are such a kindred spirit! I've actually sent them emails about how insulting their programming is to women.

Maggie said...

You've written letters, Evil P? really? OMG! Go you, and on my behalf- thank you!

Evil Pixie said...

Yep... they basically go ignored, though I did get one response that thanked me for my input but assured me they are providing "high quality, women-centered" programming. Oh, please! They need to put us in charge of programming... We'll show them what high quality, women-centered programming is all about. We are women, hear us think! Sorry... had a bit too much orange juice today. I'm still now down from the sugar high.

Wiley said...

Dare I ask what's so bad about the programming? You have my interest piqued now. I'm going to have to go searchign through your archives, too.

Anna said...

I laughed out loud upon reading your Krispy Kreme dilemma I think I would have gone for smacking him with the box...oh the agony of finding an empty box!!!