Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Meme

Since I had my brush with near death and the swine flu and food poisoning and a tumor and all other sorts of illness (okay, so I was sick with either a 24 hours stomach flu or food poisoning and I'm just being a tad dramatic) I give you the Christmas eve Cop Out post in the form of a meme!

Favorite Christmas…

01. Non-Jesus-related song?
"Sleigh Bells"

02. Jesus-related song?
"O Holy Night" or "The First Noel"

03. Santa-related song?
"Here Comes Santa Claus," specifically the Gene Autry version.

04. Fictional character?
Ebeneezer Scrooge.

05. Dinner’s main course?
Dinner food has never been a big Christmas tradition. Breakfast/ brunch has been

06. Dinner’s dessert?
any and all desserts are good desserts

07. Scent (pine, gingerbread, candles…)?
baking smells

08. Animated movie?
I'm counting A Charlie Brown Christmas here

09. Non-animated movie?
I have several: Love Actually, The Santa Clause, The Holiday

10. Personal memory?
One year the weather was really horrid and my Aunt and Uncle and their kids were here from Texas. My Uncle opens my grandmother F's garage door and pulls his car half way in (thinking it wouldn't freeze either of them), and in the process freezing both their cars so they weren't able to get the 20 miles from grandmother F's house to ours, where my mother had been cooking and cleaning in preparation for weeks. So my dad manages, with the neighbor's help, to get one of our cars started: our second hand car he used to go to work every day: a Pinto. So we all loaded into the Pinto with presents and food, with my mother swearing under her breath the whole time, and went over the river and through the woods (I am not kidding, we really had to go over a river and through some woods!) to my Grandmother F's house to celebrate Christmas. And did I mention the Pinto had no heat so we were pack in like sardines with blankets? And the driver's door doesn't close so it had to bungee cord close, across dad's lap and tied off on the emergency break. We still had a good time and got there in one piece!

11. Story/Fairy Tale?
A Christmas Carol.

This or That
12. Candy cane or peppermint patties?
This time of year I have a soft spot for candy canes!

13. Sugar or gingerbread cookies?
sugar, of course!

14. Tinsel or beaded strands?
Beaded strands

15. Multi-colored or same-colored lights?
white lights, please

16. Flashing or still lights?

17. Wreaths or mistletoe/holly?

18. Rudolph or Frosty?
Frosty, if I have to choose one.

19. Sledding or snowball fights?
I loved both when I was a kid.

20. Snow or ice/icicles?

21. Snow hat or earmuffs?
I wear both

22. Getting or giving?
I like both equally.

23. Snow days or plow trucks?
Snow days- no school!

24. Stockings or presents?
I like both!

25. Cookies & milk or letter to Santa?
all of the above, of course!

26. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

27. Log Burning Channel or real thing?
Real thing, of course!

28. Cards or emails?
Cards are really nice, but emails are nice too. Just knowing that someone took the time to wish you a happy holiday is the real gift.

29. Shoveling or cleaning off the car?
Well, they both suck!

30. The Inn’s manger or the animals?

31. Mary & Joseph or The Wise Men?

32. Hot cocoa or eggnog?

33. Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy?

And I stole this meme from here....


Wiley said...

Happy Christmas!

Curley said...

Merry Christmas! Love ya

Finn said...

Glad you're better in time for Christmas.

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Evil Pixie said...

Happy Christmas! Wishing you all the best (including shoes, purses, cosmos, and chocolate!).

Shan said...

Merry Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Maggie O!!! I hope you are back to 100% and have a glorious day! xo

Maggie said...

Thank you all- and I hope it's a wonderful day for you!