Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Randomosity

I'm sitting here at the dining room table with the curtains at the windows open. I'm watching the snow fall, the big fat flakes and falling softly. I've got my Christmas tunes playing, with a steaming cup of coffee at my elbow. (And a bit box of tissues since I have a cold, after all). I've got my warm flannel jammies on, and it's just nice. I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit right now. It snowed all day yesterday and we certainly have several inches of accumulation so it might be a white Christmas here.

Mac is going to be the angel Gabriel in a Christmas cantata that my father's church choir is doing. I've been helping him memorize his lines and all I can say is that I hope he gets Jesus's name right with the whole "he shall be called wonderful" ,etc. He keeps forgetting some of it and at one point he just said, "Name the little dude Jesus." Oh. my. God. And, I must point out, he'll be wearing a halo. I canNOT wait for those pictures! Mac, in a halo...

I started wrapping gifts and listening to Christmas music today and it was lots of fun. This year I'm not doing fancy ribbon though, because the Divine Ms K. eats everything off the floor right now; she at the age where everything she touches goes into her mouth. Reminds me of the years we couldn't have ribbon because of the cats...

We have several Christmas light displays in our area and I'm hoping to go see them all. We have a new community garden park and it's lit each evening this week. There are also carolers strolling about, and cookies and hot cider are given away to visitors.

I blogged earlier this week that I thought I was getting sick and then I felt better and then I felt sick. BUT I do have a 'wonderful' Christmas cold, with a stuffy nose, sore throat and congestion. I am going to even put a positive spin on this- at least I'm sick this weekend rather than next weekend, Christmas day. and I'm almost done with sweats/ chills part. I hope. And I'm thankful for Puffs Plus with aloe.

Since my brother has to work Christmas day, we're doing out family Christmas on Christmas eve day. And that leaves Christmas day open to relax. So I'm holding back a gift or two for Mac for the actual day, and then Daddy-O, Mac, XRay Girl (her sons are at their dad's on Christmas day this year so she'll be home alone otherwise), and I are going to see Sherlock Holmes. I'm totally psyched about hanging with family and friends, and seeing a movie.

On Monday I'm doing the final Christmas shopping with Daddy-O and Curley. I think Tuesday is when Hecate and I are having our pre-Christmas rockin' girls time out (I should get that printed on t-shirts for us!) and I'm hoping that I feel better enough to stay home on Wednesday and do some baking. And that my cold germs are gone by then so I won't contaminate everyone! I want to make fudge and my mom's cut out Christmas cookies, and pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. And sour cream coffee cake. And pecan tartlettes minus the pecans since I'm allergic. So it tastes like pecan pie but with just the goo.

I'm hoping the day that I bake (and before that day and after that day... and probably after that day since the list is huge) I'll be able to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies: When Harry Met Sally (though this one could wait until New Year's Eve, per usual), Love Actually, and The Holiday. And don't forget a version of The Christmas Carol with Albert Finney. I want to indulge in my classic favorites, too, like White Christmas and The Bishop's Wife. I also want to see It's a Wonderful Life because I've never watched it before- I know, I know. Part of me wants to NEVER watch it just because I've made it 38 years without, but that seems wrong somehow. I also thought I might indulge in a few new films like The Perfect Holiday and This Christmas.

So, what are ya'll up to this holiday season?

Merry Maggie


Hecate said...

Yea!! Girls day.

Maggie said...

Hecate- I know!!!!!!!!!

Wiley said...

I hope you're feeling 100% again really soon. And can I invite myself over for some of those baked goodies? They sound yummy.

Bragger said...

Hope you feel better. Can you send some of that Christmas spirit my way? 'Cause after an afternoon with my mother, I'm feeling particularly "why the hell do I bother?"

Jimmie Earl said...

Now it's post cantata. I am so proud of Mac. He did us all proud. He looked good in a halo, by the way.
Gee, could Bragger's mother have been related to my mother-in-law! I always left her house feeling the same way.
Looking forward to some Christmas shopping tomorrow. The snow has helped put me in the mood.

Maggie said...

Wiley- thanks for the well wishes- I hope I feel better soon (the sweating is gross! TMI?) And I was just talking about you today with a friend of mine. I was trying to figure out how long it would take for stuff to get to you and if I could send food. I need to make a trip to the USPO to see!

Bragger- grrrrrrr to your mother. Hopefully you won't have to see her any more this holiday season- was today your Christmas "celebration" with her? Drink a toast that you don't have to see her again and hug your sisters!

JE- you're right, Mac rocked! And so did you with your bad self with your solo! the entire programme was just wonderful. I was proud of all of you!

(And I think during the senior graduation slide show next year, Mac and his halo should be featured, don't you think?)