Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas recap

We did our family Christmas on Christmas eve day since Guard is working on Christmas day, which sounds like it really sucks for all involved, not just the state guests.

Anyway, we had a lovely family time. Since I had been so sick (I never want to eat Mexican food again. Ever. Any it will be a long while before I ever want to eat steak, nacho chips, lettuce or tomatoes again either, together or separately. ) I didn't get any cooking done. Not one cookie baked, not a casserole made, nor a coffee cake baked. So, we went to Bob Evans for Christmas Eve brunch. I finally ate food for the first time- blueberry pancakes- yum.

After brunch we went back to Daddy-O's house and opened gifts. I got lovely things from everyone- thank you! Mac and Daddy-O really liked what I got them (Mac is now stylin' in an ear flap fur hat and some huge red sunglasses and sporting a Fossil watch. Hey, he ASKED for those things. I'll try and post a picture...!) After the gift exchange, Guard, Booknut, and the Divine Ms K went to some of her family, and Mac went to his SD's. Daddy-O and I chilled here at the house, cleaned up and just read. It was nice!

And at age 1 year (plus a few months) the Divine Ms K loved the boxes and paper and even threw the stuff on the floor to sit in the box and wave arm loads of paper around. Cute!

We had some nasty weather roll in, bringing ice and rain and sleet, but we were all done traveling and home safe. Christmas Eve was the day!

So where did that leave us on Christmas Day itself? Well, apparently the weather warmed up over night to a balmy Midwest winter in the 50s (el Nino much anyone?)so on Christmas Day the snow was ALL gone, and it rained all. day. long. I made cinnamon rolls (The Pillsbury kind) and Mac got home from his SD's and we all just hung out.

Then in the afternoon XRayGirl went with Mac, Daddy-O and me to see Sherlock Holmes, which was good and you can see my review of it here! (I liked Roberty Downey Jr in the Holmes role but I wish is was Johnny Depp instead. If you see if, then you'll understand how he could've pulled it off perfectly!)

All in all, Christmas was just grand! Guess today we're returning a shirt of Mac's that doesn't fit. And stopping at Kohl's to have the security tag removed that was missed from a pair of jeans that were given to Mac. And I think we're going to Best Buy to spend a gift card Mac received! Did I mention there's snow on the ground again? Oh Goddess... help!

Hope ya'll had a great Christmas and are enjoying the long weekend! I plan on seeing as many movies as humanly possible!



Honey said...

Sounds like a grand time! Yummy and I hung with a friend at the house while the princes were at the ex's (minus his girlfriend that's been MIA for about a month... hmm... which isn't a bad thing since she inappropriately touched my prince (that's another story for later)).

Now the princes and I are hanging until it's time for them to go to the dreadful ex's for the week. I absolutely HATE Indiana divorce law!!! Which ever judge thought it was a good idea to force kids to spend time with a parent that treats them like shit is beyond me!!! The youngest prince exclaimed last night when I picked them up that "Yeah, that's because daddy doesn't love him." in response to the oldest prince telling me that his dad didn't get him anything for Christmas but the other 2 got something and more gifts. Now I wonder where a 6 year old is getting this idea from?? Hmm...

Anyhoo... have fun at Kohl's. I've had to take pants back to remove a security tag recently as well. Must be a theme with them - a conspiracy to get you to come buy more especially with the after Christmas sales and all. LOL

Evil Pixie said...

Last time I got food poisoning, it was from eating Mexican food. Completely horrible experience. I've been enchilada shy ever since.

Glad to hear you had a Happy Christmas. You totally deserve it! The Pixie household had one too... which is nice considering 2009 sucked. At least we're ending the year on a positive note. Now it is time to bring on 2010!