Friday, December 18, 2009

Ohmygosh no waaaaaay!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about a girl's day out with Hecate a few weeks ago! I think it was one of those things I wrote the post in my head so many times I just forgot to actually TYPE it!

Other than our usual laugh hilariously over everything, get caught up on everything in our lives and just walked the mall and made fun of people and talked and ate and had an overall great time, we also went to a movie.

Funny thing: we went to the Vera Bradly purse store and though I love bags almost more than the next woman, Hecate's love of purses outshines me by far. I am also not a fan of Vera Bradley but she is. So I browsed and I have to say that when you can buy a purse, an eye glasses case, luggage, stationary, wallpaper, a wallet, a ball point pen, place mats, wrapping paper, and a tea cozy all in the same matching pattern, I think a person has gone a bit to far. Not to say that Hecate did that- not at all.... but she COULD. If she wanted. Since they sell all that stuff. Yeah... wow. I just sat on a little couch in the "shoppe" and tried to not touch anything or break anything.

I have to say the evening with Hecate was the best date I've had since March, maybe even all year! And I call it a 'date' in a joking way because she paid for the movie tickets- which was so super nice of her! (thank you again, by the way!) And when I jumped ten feet in the air and verbally shrieked in fear/ shock/ surprise and sucked air in a not quiet way, and grabbed her arm on one occasion, she didn't get up and leave me. We had more fun laughing at the three large, "MANLY" college age boys in front of us who also squealed like little school girls on more than one occasion. OMG- we about died laughing over that! Oh yeah, we saw Law Abiding Citizen.

She also bought me an early Christmas present at the bookstore. Now, before you all crack up laughing, I've been rather partial to this little creature for quite some time. Soooooo, when I saw this mini version, I KNEW I had to have it but I was broke so I wasn't going to get it. Hecate bought me SOCK MONKEY, a mini version! OMG! I carry him in my purse and he goes with me everywhere so I'm never lonely. Or bored. And I have a good conversation piece. She also informed me that out there in the big retail world there are PINK Sock Monkeys. Oh. My. Gosh, I MUST MUST MUST have one of these. A PINK Sock Monkey- I can't imagine anything better.

(I've been taking pictures of Sock Monkey and me doing stuff together, but tonight when I loaded them, there was a problem with most of the pics, which means I probably have a problem with my camera. Life with Sock Monkey is another post, though.)

So I had a great time since we hadn't seen each other since school started since she's teaching full time, she's a full time nursing student, a full time mom, a full time wife, and also has other family and a personal life! We're going to get together next week because we'll be on Christmas vacation! Yahoo to both of us!

I love hanging with Hecate,

Since most of my pictures with Sock Monkey aren't any good due to digital camera technical difficulties, and I don't have one of Sock Monkey, Hecate and me, here is Sock Monkey making telemarketing calls with me at work!


Wiley said...

Ooh, I can't wait for the life with sock monkey post!
Sounds like you had a great day though.

Maggie said...

Wiley- I'm hoping by the end of the year I can do a 'life with Sock Monkey' pictorial post! :)

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

Love & Hugs