Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm alive, well and kickin'... and tired

I. am. exhausted.

I started my new job with the special ed kids this weeks.

Mac moved in with Daddy-O and me for time period unknown.

The weather turned cold and within 48 hours we had snow, rain, ice, sleet, fog, winds gusting up to 30 mph, and sunshine.

I also worked at the insurance office and went to Mac's choir concert. I saw the live Broadway show Annie, graded papers, wrote lesson plans, did some laundry, Christmas shopped, cooked, did dishes, and I think there was some other stuff.

I gave myself permission to not blog yesterday (thank you bragger for this encouragement!); and I've given myself permission to write this week ass blog post.

My plan tomorrow is to try and catch up on all things blog. I've missed reading everyone (though I've read some of my favorites but I didn't take time to comment, sorry!) and I've missed writing. I do have so much to tell you! And also tomorrow, in addition to all things blog, I want to answer emails, wrap gifts, finish the laundry, bake Christmas cookies, see a movie, clean my room, re-arrange furniture, take Mac for a haircut, and finish decorating my pink Christmas tree. Writing it all down makes me tired.

So good night and see you tomorrow!

Maggie Mae


Curley said...

Sorry to add one more thing to your plate but I didn't think you would want to miss it.

Wiley said...

Phew, I'm tired just reading that. I think time really does speed up at this time of the year, so even though we all have more stuff to do, we have fewer minutes in which to do it.

Anna said...

phew you should be exhausted!

Bragger said...

Girl, weekends are for RELAXING! I hope you at least get to see the movie.

Maggie said...

Curley- it was the best plate addition of the week!!!

Wiley- i know- I'll have about 2 weeks off at christmas that will fly past... dang it!

anna- i am!

bragger- i didn't get the relax memo. maybe next weekend?