Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Won another Award! It's like Christmas, or something!

I won this "Circle of Friends" award from follower Jesse. He gave it as a blanket award to anyone who reads his blog and I wouldn't normally claim a general award but Jesse came here to my blog and told me I should go claim it. So I did.

I give to all of you! As Jesse said, no rules, no limits!

Thank you Jesse for such a lovely honor!

~ Friendship award ~

"Friends are like fresh water
circling around in eternal ecstasy...

they make our moments more
profound, without even noticing
until much later on in life...

friendships are the type that
are unconditional and always
a short distance away...

Therefore, I hand this out to all
my blogger friends, and in turn
you can hand this award out with
no rules. To your friends."
~Poem by Jesse Noe

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