Saturday, May 1, 2010

"You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe!"

The title of this blog post comes from Shakespeare's Henry IV... and I felt this weekend needed to be insulted in a way that the old Bard can only do!

After the craziness that was last night of taking the kids to be volunteers, taking them home, picking up Curley, chatting with Mac about his concert, funeral viewing, dinner, Mac's concert, Curley home and then me home (whew!) I had just planned on vegging the entire weekend. But this two day holiday had other things in mind for my lazy butt!

Mac is taking the SATs today. He has to be at the testing center at 8am. Of course at 11pm last night he announces his calculator needs 4 AAA batteries and he needs two pencils of the non mechanical but number two variety. He also laid a guilt trip on me the size of Texas that I'm a teacher so I know the importance of a good breakfast before a test... blah freaking blah. And the car was on E and the gas light had been on for 3 days. Thank goodness Daddy-O had the needed batteries and since I'm a teacher I had the necessary non- mechanical but #2 variety- pink ones I might add- so haha! And rather than have myself a nice lie in, a lovely morning of laying in bed sleeping in, enjoying a dark gloomy rainy Saturday I was up fixing him breakfast. Yes I love my son but drat!!!! And I accidentally burned the bacon. I did make coffee though! I also gave him money and sent him for fuel for the car while I cooked so all is well. (And I chant: "please please please let him do well so he can get into the University he wants and go to law school and make lots of money and give me some please please please")

I also agreed to go with Curley to her brother-in-law's book signing! I was going to do that anyway but not until later in the day so I'm certainly not complaining about it! Books! Hel-lo?

And I can occasionally have those "dumbass attack" moments as I like to call them. Other have "a-ha" light bulbs flash on brightly but I get "duh" moments as my bulb burns out.... I wrote down my Sisinlaw's baby shower on my calendar for NEXT Sunday rather than when it really is... tomorrow. So I'm going. And again, I am NOT complaining but this is where I get more mad at myself that anything else. I did something dumb with the dates, and now I don't have his (we know the baby is a he) quilt made for tomorrow. I hate it when I'm stupid. Of course I want to go to honor my almost born nephew! I was so glad Sisinlaw and Curley reminded me!

So my restful weekend of being a worthless layabout is no longer. I have plans.

OH.... AND the one day I didn't do a Pink Saturday post, Tiffanee makes a lovely, kind mention of me on her blog! Thank you Tiffanee! So, here is an unofficial Pink Saturday picture!

This is my niece, the Divine Ms K, and this was taken about a year ago. Hey, sometimes you just gotta wear shades!

So, thou art weekend of busy events, you gaphornious villain, go forth for I shall conquer ye!



Sherry from Alabama said...

What a cutie! Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Curley said...

WoW! That makes me tired just reading it, and I'm doing most of those things with you. On top of that I have laundry and grocery shopping to fit in there somewhere.
Oh, and finish the baby shower gift. No rest for the wicked.

Valrie said...


You are a gal after my own heart! I totally get your bio and I agree about the latte and Starbucks, the shoes matching the purse fits the DIVA in me too! Love your blog. This was my second visit to you and I Please stop by for a pink visit and enter my Mother's Day giveaway!

http://poemsmyway-valrie.blogspot.comfeatured you today for Bev's challenge!

Anonymous said...


Maggie said...

Sherry- she's simply beautiful- here's just a little cutie! Every time I see her I just want to kiss and cuddle on her.

Curley- thanks for reminding me about the laundry and grocery shopping- not!

Valrie- thanks so much for visiting and I hope you come back lots! Thanks for all the nice things you had to say- and I'll stop over soon!

Amisha- :) back at ya.

Lisa said...

LOL! Sorry about your lazy weekend! I would love one of those too. My dogs ALWAYS get up too early on "sleep late days" Actually my oldest one that passed was the only who did but not after she was too old and her bladder couldn't hold! SO 7am is a sleep in for me! YUCK! I do go back to bed though. I have to work this weekend so no laziness here either! I had the same thing happen on a Pink Saturday too! Nice mention and I didn't post!!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

How did he do on the SAT's