Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that make you go "WTF?"

#1: I get a newsletter from my college Alma Mater. According to said newsletter, the college has a whole bunch of committees that do stuff. We have TONS of committees! Now there's one more. The administration felt it prudent to form a committee to study the number of committees and their purposes.

#2: Teachers have individual voice mails at the school. The secretaries don't take messages any more. If someone would call for a teacher and say, "Go get Mr. Soandso, it's an emergency. His house is on fire" or something like that, they would go get the teacher. OTHERWISE, everything goes to voice mail. There are no paper messages. Though Friday, Daddy-O got a paper message from the office to go check his voice mail because my brother called and left him a voice mail. Uh.... yeah.

#3: I'm really tired of kids and teaching and classrooms, but what is my summer job? Teaching summer school....

Ah the ironies of life,


Curley said...

#1 DUH!?!
#2 DUH!?!
#3 DUH!?! At least there is no homework.
Very funny

Jimmie Earl said...

No, actually I didn't get a paper message from the office, they called me on my room's P.A. speaker and told me to check my voice mail. You know, voices telling me to check voices. Scares the heck out of me!!!
(And we tell our kids, "don't listen to the voices.")