Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I beg your forgiveness!

This happens to me every few months. I get so busy with work that stuff at home that I can barely keep my head above water and I have no time to do much of anything online.

So I ended up writing a post where I apologize to everyone because I'm a crappy blog buddy. I'm really sorry that I haven't read any blogs for about a week.

Again, the schedule I'm keeping is a busy one right now. Taking my kids to earn their volunteer hours along with school and doing mom stuff just keeps me busy.

I also find when I shut down with blog reading i tend to shut down with friends and family stuff. I just hole up inside myself and don't really do anything with anyone. I mostly just... watch TV. I really don't read, talk on the phone, see friends... nothing. And nothing is wrong, that I know of. It just is something I sometimes do.

I'm really sorry I haven't read your blogs. I also promise that sometime this week I'll be catching up. It can be done. It's just done.... slowly. I miss you all.



Lisa said...

See you when you have time! :)
Hugs, Lisa

anna @ frosted petunias said...

You're forgiven Maggie! Yesterday I blogged about wanting to hide in a rabbit hole. I'm kinda feeling the same way. I think I get contact overload and need to shut down once in a while. It's better today so I hope you're doin ok too.

Wiley said...

Well, your absence has been duly noted and I'll expect you to make amends soon, obviously... ;)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Think nothing of it. I have been behind too and just read all your posts up to this one. Love reading them. Hope you got the school thing resolved. And I hope you had a fun Memorial Day holiday. ~ Lynn