Friday, May 21, 2010

A rainy day moment in the life of a Special Education Teacher

It's pouring down rain right this minute, and the skies broke loose with a terrible lightening and thunderstorms flood out of the sky, about 5 minutes before school let out today.

Kids were running pell-mell across the parking lots to their parents waiting cars, to the buses, and toward friends if they were walking in the deluge. Teachers and administrators on outside safety duty are yelling at the kids to "Be Careful!", to "Watch for cars", and to "Look both ways!"

I'm walking out of the building with a counselor from our local in-patient treatment center (ie: local nut house) who had to come and collect one of the middle schoolers who had a TOTAL meltdown last period of the day. Counselor and I are walking out together and Melt Down Boy is with us, dancing around in the rain.

While all the other teachers are yelling practical rainy-day type of things, when Melt Down Boy runs toward the counselor's car, he and I yell things like, "Don't listen to the voices; just get in the car!"

Maggie Mae


Anonymous said...

we had rain storm last night... I love the rain storms when it is so warm out... (you can keep the lightning... ) someone is always getting hurt with lightning down here..

Maggie said...

TaDa- thanks for sharing! :)

Curley said...

Oh, I forgot. Where did we park that ark?

Curley said...

I don't know, maybe the voices were telling him to keep "Dancing in the Rain".

clarabell said...

I like this, its all about perspective isn't it? I work with special ed kids too, the world is a diverse and arresting place... from all angles

Maggie said...

Curley- I love love love that kid and wanted to dance in the rain with him.... but I was afraid his counselor would have us both committed!

And the ark floated away without us!

Clarabell- thanks for commenting and visiting; I hope you come back again soon. And aren't our Sp. Ed kids amazing? Frustrating but amazing?!?