Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Freakin' Mother's Day to me...

On Mother's Day I woke up to find my computer had a very wicked Trojan Horse virus thingy called Antispyware Soft, which is supposed to look like your Microsoft virus protector thingy but it is so not. And if you think it's fake, like I did, and click the red X in the corner to make it go away, it actually runs the thing. So I shut it off right away and then I used Daddy-O's computer to see if I could learn anything about this TroHo. What I learned was there is a way to make it go away but I don't understand what I read. Furthermore, there are about 13,845 different instructions to supposedly rid my computer of this thing, but since there are so many choices, I'm a bit skittish on which will really take it away or which will make it worse. Yeah, the virus inventors also post directions on "how to make it go away" and it usually makes it worse. All it does is make me physically ill and really ANGRY!

So, my big plan for Mother's Day, which was to do nothing but drink coffee and catch up on my wonderful bloggy buddies' blogs, since I have been outta da loop for about a week (yes, self induced), was ruined. I couldn't read any. And I hate to take up Daddy-O's computer for hours to just hang out, surfing. And he has a desk top so it's not nearly as much fun and comfort as my usual corner of the couch prone position with my laptop.

Curley's son was supposed to come and fix it Sunday but couldn't so I ended up driving out there last night, to drop it off. Being without my computer, by choice, doesn't bother me; being without it because of some fucking computer virus monster thing just pisses me off!

And my most updated resume is on it as is Microsoft Word, which Daddy-O doesn't have so each time I want to send a resume I need to go to the library. This is not a convenient virus.

He called me later in the evening and said it's fixed! I told him it was like losing my favorite purse or an arm or something; he said it was losing my favorite shoe- I told him to bite his tongue! So I get my 'baby' back tomorrow, thank goodness and can't wait to make sure it's all workin'!

Suffering withdraw,
Maggie Mae


Bragger said...

Man, that sucks. I got an from an organization I was familiar with one time, and I opened the attachment even though its name was clearly BUG. I felt so stupid. I'm glad it's fixed now!

Curley said...

TroHo? I love that saying. Sounds like something you would find standing on a corner. I'm glad that computer guy was able to get it going again so quickly. Just hope there aren't anymore problems.

Anonymous said...

oh no .. i have wondered where you have been...

Lisa said...

I got one last year this time! That sucks! Was down for a month!!! Lost everything on my computer!! I am glad you will be better tomorrow!
Hugs, Lisa