Monday, May 10, 2010

This isn't Victoria's Secret but...

I am the proud owner of the best "underwear" in the world. It makes all my little silky bits of lace and satin, the thongs, the boy briefs, the old fashioned cotton bikinis pale in comparison to the best undies I now own.

I will admit, however, these are NOT sexy underwear. Not even remotely sexy, but they are still awesome. They are available in black, though... and black makes everything seem a little sexier. Right?

Does anyone remember the long ago days of yore when women wore girdles with stays and fasteners and the like? Post corset but pre- "let it all hang out" days? Now, no I can't say I've ever worn an old fashioned girdle at all, but I have worn stockings and a garter belt to help have an unbroken line under a skirt. But that's for another post... AND, most of the time, since I'm so fair skinned (ah, bless me Irish heritage) my legs are pale and I can't seem to tan, I usually wear pantyhose, sometimes the control top kind just because of the instant tummy tuck- can't hurt, and always helps!

Anyway, I have a few clingy skirts and dresses and it's summer so who wants to wear pantyhose all summer long? So the pale legs are going bare (wear shades and deal with the creamy white skin. It's just the way it is!) but what about the instant tummy tuck? What's a girl to do?

I was bemoaning this fact the other day when I went to a clothing shop and the sales lady all but went "psssssst, over here" and flipped open a trench coat. No, she actually pointed me at what was a whole rack of miracle underwear. Called SPANX. While they are not sexy to look at, the name is kinda hot.... but I digress.

So, these panties are nylon and cotton and spandex combined. They can have high a waistband or regular. They also are the style of normal panties, as well as to the knee or the ankle, making them look like leggings- trimmed in lace. So, I bought a pair- the "normal" underwear style.

I about had a heart attack at what I paid for a pair but when I got them home and tried them on... and then put on a skirt that I haven't worn in 2 years and it fit, and the skirt was even too BIG, I knew I had died and gone to underwear heaven. I own one pair but I plan on buying many more.

Ooooooolala, I love me some SPANX!

Big girls don't cry with these panties,
Maggie Mae


Jacalyn @ said...

You know I have been meaning to try Spanx! Sounds like an awesome recommendation. If you have a moment, stop by my blog to see my new feature, Beautiful Blogging! It will help with those "creamy white legs" I promise! I have those too and I think I should have been born in the Victorian Era when that was something to be proud of, ha!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Right when I read the name I got all flustered and such, started taking my belt off and everything. I was thinking they were for naughty spanking needing girls!

Maggie said...

Jacalyn- thanks for the tip on the skin-- I'll check it out!

And get the SPANX- they are damn awesome!

Southern S- spanking with a belt- ouch! I certainly understand the concept behind the pleasure/ pain principle but it's not for me! Tho if the pants don't have a belt and they fall down... well...

Anonymous said...


no way! My britches are stretched tightly across everything the belt has been unnecessary for a few years!

Anonymous said...

LOL New Flash.. Mags.. they make em in tank still form to ... to hold in the gut.... I have those..

Maggie said...

Southern Sage- there are so many ways to go with regard to your tight britches...

TaDa- what's a tank form? Like running shorts? or bike pants thingies? And most importantly, why were holding out and not telling me about the miracle panties that are SPANX??? hel-lo?!? ;)

Evil Pixie said...

Love, Love, Love me some Spanx. Know what I love even more? The name: Spanx. So... So... me! :)