Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crocheting post edit found here

I want to say I hate using Blogger in Microsoft Explorer. I've figured out that 99% of the time I do, there's some weird error.

I wrote the prayer shawl post on Sunday, saved it, then added a paragraph later, and hit publish and today as I re-read it, I discover the added paragraph is gone. So:

Some of the kids wanted to help but had never crocheted before and some has just started learning. This became... an issue. All of the kids had their hearts in the right places but some of them didn't have the crocheting talent to back it up. We had some yarn projects that were... challenging. So God Bless Daddy-O and Curly who "fixed" a bunch: gave them edges, ripped out knots, made shawls longer or wider, and in a couple situations just... um. sorta, maybe took out some stitches and then redid them a bit smoother. This project had 2 angels who made ALL the blankets, shawls, and lap robes able to be used. AND, they each made their own shawls to contribute because I was afraid we wouldn't have enough and the project became HUGE so I didn't want to let anyone down. The ones they made were so pretty, too! (and I have to admit: I can't knit nor crochet so Daddy-O made one for me to contribute!) Thank you Dad and Curly because there is no way I coordinated this alone!

That is the VERY IMPORTANT missing paragraph that stupid Explorer ate!

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