Saturday, May 19, 2012

Album review- Train

I love Train and plan to see them in concert in August! I just bought their new album called California 37 and from the first track, I'm in love!

I've been a Train fan for years and years, actually, and saw them in concert back in March 2006. They've had several popular songs on the radio over the years: "Meet Virginia", "Drops of Jupiter", "Calling All Angels", "Hey Soul Sister", "Marry Me", "When I look to the Sky", and "Cab" just to name a few.

California 37 is great, easy listening, with some fun tracks, sad songs and is easy to sing along with. I like the lyrics, the sound, the composition so it's a win- win for me.

Many people probably heard then recent hit "Drive By" on the radio and it's a catchy tune- hence the HUGE radio play. But other tracks are that good, or better. I love the duet with Ashley Monroe, called "Bruises" with some country sound. The campy "50 ways to say good bye" makes me laugh, and I just love all the other songs, too. "You can finally meet my mom" just touches my heart and the song "Mermaid" has the name Johnny Depp in the lyrics- so it's can't be a bad, song, right?

So, I recommend this album for people who like the adult contemporary sound. Don't hold that genre against them!


Other Train songs:

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Jimmie Earl said...

Hey, I found out I liked "Train" today. Thanks!