Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How I screwed up weight loss

So................ the weight loss has decreased and it's my fault. It's not the fault for the reason you might think. I have not cheated at all in the last three weeks. I haven't cheated on single bit. I haven't eaten anything bad for me and I've limited my grains and pasta to those found inside a Lean Cuisine Box. I have behaved. So, what the heck is going on, you might be wondering?

Well, first of all... please no "I told you so" because I just don't think I could handle it.

I screwed up. Here's how. Week one, I struggled and hovered my calories around 1100 per day. My goal was to be around 1000 but it was all new and I just had a hard time, which is to be expected when changing an eating lifestyle. But I still managed to lose 7.5 pounds the first week which I considered to be a huge success.

I felt my will power kick in the second week and I worked harder and felt good. The "always starving" feeling was beginning to dissipate. So, I thought since the shakes have so many good vitamins and nutrients and protein, I could cut down on my calorie intake. So I did. I didn't tell anyone either; I just did it. During the second week I went down to around 800 calories per day and that included my 2 shakes. That week I only lost 2.5 pounds. Sure not what I thought by cutting down more calories but I thought my body was making an adjustment.

Third week my will power kicked in to high gear and to be honest... well, I went to about 500-600 calories a day, including my shakes. I only lost a half a pound and Monday I was devastated because I never cheated, I exercised, and my calories were down. What the hell was wrong??

Well, a fat girl's body can actually go into starvation. Whodda thought? I seriously thought because I'm bigger that there's no way I could go into starvation mode. Everyone says "oh it won't hurt you to miss a meal" and stuff like that to fat people, but that's not true.

This explains why the fat guy on Lost never got skinnier.

Anyway, after talking to a nutritionist and reading the Body by Vi info and doing some research and talking to the nurse at school, it was true that my body thought I was trapped in the desert and didn't know if it would eat again so it hung on the my fat. Gross but true.

So, I'm supposed to have 900-1100 calories a day in FOOD in addition to my shakes.

I'm still eating healthy with salads and chicken and Lean Cuisine. I'm eating fruits and lots of veggies. I count calories and measure everything.

I'm still in awe that a fat girl's body can go into starvation. And I'm embarrassed that I did that.

So this week is better. It's hard to eat more because my brain is saying "fat!" but I know I have to because obviously the other way didn't work. Everyone says I look thinner already and some of my clothes do fit better even if the scale isn't showing it. Yay.

I hope that next Monday I can report better weight loss results. I want the SCALE to tell me I'm thinner!



Curley said...

At least you went to the right sources to find out what was going on and how to correct it. Keep up the good work.

Lilith said...

I'm gonna say it, "I told you so!"

That was my biggest worry when you told me about the new diet!

I'm glad though that you were able to figure things out!

So 2 shakes PLUS 1100 calories? I might have to give this diet more thought!

Bragger said...

Wow, I don't know how you were surviving. Still, that's good information to have. Maybe I need to eat more calories too. Just not the peanut butter M&M's I just ate. Sigh.