Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not enough time to craft

Lilith and I took an Archiver's class tonight and it was fun. First I love to hang with Lilith and visit and I love to take Archiver's classes so it combined 2 of my favorite things! We had fun girl time and a good supper, too. Yeah today!

We made a scrapbook called the Doodlebug Photo Album. It's really cool, and very pretty. However, it was the first night for the workshop and that's usually when they work out the kinks. It was a two hour workshops to make a 15 page album. No freaking way was that gonna work.

We got all our paper cut and the pages in the right order, and the cover and first three pages done. We got the book bound and that was it in 2 hours. They sent all the supplies home with us so we can finish on our own. I was so bummed because my plan was to finish the album and put pictures in it- which I had even remembered to bring with me. But no.....!

I really hate that but what could I do? I wish they would give enough time for everyone to finish the whole there. We weren't slow, I didn't think. Here's a link if you want to see it! And when I get mine done, I'll post a picture! And all I can say is that I'm really thankful that there was no heat embossing.


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