Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get in Tune

I've been downloading music for the last few years and I've decided to stop. I realize that's anti-technology sounding but I don't care.

My CD burner on my computer burns a CD just fine. I can play it on my computer or on the house CD players. The one place I cannot play a burned CD is in my car. I've no idea what's wrong but if I burn a CD on my laptop it will NOT play in my car. If Mac burns a CD for me on his desktop, about 50% of the time it works. That's so frustrating.

My ipod has died; the headphone jack doesn't work. I play it from my docking station but that's all. It also won't play using an adaptor through my car.

It's obvious I have several issues happening here. I mostly listen to music in my car and I have no way to listen unless it's the radio or a purchased CD. So, I decided to heck with it and I'm buying CDs from now on. How old school am I?

And to make myself even older, I went to Half Price Books and to a 'record' store and got a TON of new to me but used CDs! I'm totally jammin'! it feels awesome to have some new tunes.

I'm going to share titles here; don't judge. I'm 40 years old and I can listen to what I want, no matter how nerdy it makes me sound:

  • California 37 and Save Me San Fransisco Golden Gate Edition by Train

  • Great Hits- James Taylor

  • Doo-Wops and Hooligans- Bruno Mars

  • We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things and LOVE is a 4-Letter Word- Jason Mraz

  • Living Hard and Get Off On the Pain- Gary Allan

  • Sweeter- Gavin DeGraw

  • 21- Adele

  • 1.22.03 Acoustic Live- Maroon 5

  • Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

It's been years since I bought CDs and I'm so glad I could find these all dirt cheap!

I be jammin',



Lilith said...

When burning a CD you have to have something within the settings done just right for it to play in a CD player. I don't know what for sure (that's the hubby's expertise), but I can find out if you want.

Maggie said...

Lilith- yes please ask him. No CD I make on my laptop will paly in my car. I would blame the car player but it's just too ironic that NO BURNED cds from a laptop play for it to be the car... I think.