Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random TGIT!

If I were still in Montana, we would be celebrating Thirsty Thursday tonight and let me tell ya, after the crazy week here at school, I could use it! I'm seeing Lilith tonight and if I didn't have a drive home and could sleep somewhere in Northern Civilization, it would be a 4 martini night.

It's been a good but busy week. Busy isn't always bad, right?

And of course I've had something going on after school everyday this week, which is my own planning fault, of course! But I love my GFs and sometimes our time together is scarce so I take it when I can get it and this week I've been blessed to see XRay Girl last Sunday (we got Pedi's and I got the best named toenail polish color ever: Mrs. Leary's BBQ), Photographer after school this week (Starbucks run!) and to hang with Lilith tonight! Yay girl time!

And for some reason, I have this deep throaty voice thing going that sounds either like Kathleen Turner/ Suzanne Pleshette (when she was alive) or I sound like I have the flu. I feel fine, overall, but the voice sounds rough (I was asked to audition for the musical Annie that our community theater is doing. The show's producer specifically found me at church and asked me but with this voice and this schedule, there was no way I could. And auditions were last night and I sounded not like Kathleen at that point, but like "swallowed a frog". No No audition, but I woulda been a kickbutt Miss Hannigan!). Add that to busy and the combination is one tired girl- me!


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Curley said...

I agree you would have made a great Miss Hannigan. Maybe they could make an exception for you and let you audition later.