Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GO Schedule!

This week is crazy busy with working all the extra hours and next week is going to be crazy busy but that's my own doing as well- crazy with FUN stuff!!!

Monday I'm either staying home and relaxing or daddy-o and I are going out for his belated birthday supper.

Tuesday I have art club after school AND a diet shake party.

Wednesday night is the rescheduling of the literary mystery party for my students.

And Thursday night, the best of all, I'm taking a class at Archiver's with Lilth- it's a Doodle Bug class. We're making a scrapbook. I'm so organized I have a stack of pictures I'm bringing along and before I leave the store, not only will I have made a scrapbook, but it will BE FILLED WITH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then dinner out.

Friday might be lunch with a friend from the Wild West who really lives closer to me now that I've moved back. I might have mentioned Trooper before. He's going to be at a conference in my neck of the woods and we might be able to meet for lunch!

Busy girl,

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Curley said...

What are you doing in Art Club?