Friday, May 25, 2012

Random crap in my head on Friday

If it's 97 degrees for several days in a row here in May, how miserable is it going to be in July? I might have to move to the polar ice cap for a few months.

Does anyone here play draw something? If so, let me know and we can get a game going. But consider yourself warned that I suck really badly. If I give you a lot of word clues it's because my drawings need severe help; words are my back up plan.

A shot of peppermint sugar free syrup in my iced tea is very light, refreshing, and yummy!

I have 4 days off. Thank you God of all Things Day Off. I would like to ask for Tuesday off too, but I don't wish to appear greedy.

My next pedicure is going to be a bright, florescent orange with little white daisies with yellow centers airbushed on!

Mac decided to NOT take some test that would then help him join the Navy, who probably wouldn't want him anyway.

I love laundry that's been on the clothes line all day; one of the best scents ever.

I've found the best used clothing store ever. I spent $30 and got 3xs the stuff I get when I spend $75 at Lane Bryant! And it's a small business owner, locally owned and the owner likes me and saves me special stuff!

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