Sunday, May 6, 2012

It sounded like a good idea last February

As ya'll know I have many different jobs. I answer the phones on every third weekend in a second shift position. The company I do this for is a firm believe in a live human answering the phones 24/7.

The woman who usually does this Sunday- Thursday is on vacation this week. She planned for vacay last February and my boss for this position asked me if I wanted the hours. She asked me the day after I found out my school loan payments went up $200 a month; I said YES when she asked me.

Hence the title of this post...

Financially this is still a really good idea, no doubt about it. I'll make more in that week taking all her hours: 42 from today through next Sunday.

But now that it's here I keep asking myself "MAGGIE, ARE YOU CRAZY???" And please do NOT respond to that because I think we all know the answer!

So, Monday -Thursday I'll library all day and receptionist all night. During the day on Friday I made a commitment to Girl to take her to honor her dead mother. Then I'm the receptionist Friday night. In the midst of it all, I'm assisting in photographing a wedding ALL DAY Saturday; I had to let someone else work the Saturday hours. Sunday is Mother's Day and Daddy-O's birthday so we have church, birthday festivities and then I work receptionist next Sunday night.

Writing it all down makes me tired...

I'll have lots of time to read and post and I'll make money; there's always an upside!



Curley said...

Just be careful going home, and if you are too tired you are welcome to bunk on the couch here.

Maggie said...

Curley- thank you!!!!