Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach reading

I went to the library and picked some books. I thought I just needed to get away from young adult literature for awhile so I got some grown up books.

We all know I like, on occasion, to read with a theme, like that one time a few years ago when I was on a kick with food/ cooking memoirs or the time I read a bunch of books in a row that all had a female gender word in the title or when I read historical fiction, a bunch in a row. So, sometimes I do that consciously.

Apparently, I must do it unconsciously as well. I got 4 books at the library and when I got them home and started reading them and then scrutinizing, I discovered they all have to do with the beach, or they all take place at the beach or near water. I didn't do this purposely; it just happened. So I guess my first theme of the year is going to be beach books. Appropriate since it is summer time and all- a way to welcome the season, I guess.


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