Friday, May 4, 2012

Caution: lemon can cause... crazy?

Since I started making shakes for breakfast I like to add flavors and lemon seems to be my favorite. I just want to say that.

Also, I'd like to point out I've never been diagnosed with a mental illness. I'm just sayin'.

So, am I the only one who talks to herself? And I don't just mean talk... I mean... well, entertain herself, and not in that sexual way, either! Let me just give a "for example."

I made a shake in the morning and it was lemon flavored. I was driving to work and drinking the shake and I started saying the word "lemon" over and over in different voices, different accents, doing impressions. Then I started singing the lemon song. I don't KNOW a lemon song, but I made one up. Yep.

And about half way to work, I discovered what I was doing. And I stopped. Then I started berating myself for being such an idiot. But I was doing the berating aloud. And occasionally reminding myself how yummy my lemon shake was- sort of interjecting that happily while I yelled at myself for chanting lemon.

I'm not crazy. I swear.

This is why I should just shut up and turn on the radio in the car in the morning, right?


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Curley said...

I don't think your crazy. It's just the actress in you coming to the surface to entertain yourself while on a boring drive to work. Do not berate yourself, just sit back and enjoy the show!