Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why can't good stuff all happen at once?

Sometimes life is just going to suck. That's all there is to it. I wish, just for once, I could get all the good things happening at once. I can get all bad stuff coming down on me at one time but I can't seem to manage all the good things simultaneously.

I'm losing weight right now- that's a good thing.

I like work- that's a good thing.

I have some money in my savings account- a good thing.

Mac is an asshole- bad. And there's nothing I can do to fix it- also bad. And it's going to probably result in him getting kicked out of the house- REALLY bad.

Still a poor paying job with no insurance- bad

A bone spur that will need an operation to be removed- bad

And the guy I was dating and I are no longer dating (he doesn't like the long distance thing, wants me to move there NOW and decided he wants to date other people)- also a bad thing. And a sad thing.

Sometimes Tuesdays suck



Bragger said...

Excellent on the weight loss.

Tell Mac to grow up. It's time. (I never had a son, so it's easy for me to say.) Feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

Men don't know what they've got until it's gone.


I hope your Wednesday is better than your Tuesday. Hugs.

Jimmie Earl said...

How can the guy want you to move there NOW and still date others???? Like Bragger said, he doesn't know what he wants. You're better off without him. (Like you don't know that.)
Mac really needs an attitude adjustment, and I have the 5 pound sledge hammer adjustment tool!
I am proud of the weight loss thing. Keep up the good work.
Money in savings???? What is savings???? LOL!

Maggie said...

Bragger- thank you on all fronts!!!!!

JE- his response of dating others was out of frustration of the other stuff.