Monday, April 30, 2012

Diet day 1

Today is my first diet day and other than being hungry between lunch shake and healthy supper, it went really well. I didn't have time to fix a snack, though, so probably hungry makes sense.

I had a shake for breakfast, cheesecake flavored, and 24 ounce cup of java. The shake actually tasted good and left no gross after taste.

I had a bunch of raw veggies with 1 tablespoon of Ranch dip, which was awesome. And a big bowl of strawberries and my other shake (I had cheesecake again because I didn't want to take time to make another flavor this morning!)

Dinner was stir fry with lean strip steak and veggies and rice. I was able to have a banana and some Weight Watchers chips for a snack.

I feel really good. Every day isn't going to be a diet post but I thought since it was the first day (since I was supposed to start a week ago and just didn't my life together!) that I'd give myself a boost. I consumed less than 1000 calories of good tasting stuff.

Now if the pounds come off, life will be good. I lost 1 pound already. So a pound a day... for a 100 days! (Yeah, I wish but this is a start!)



Jimmie Earl said...

You look thinner already!!!

sam said...

Hey Maggie,

Just like a first step, it's also one pound at a time too.

Congrats on the pound.