Tuesday, April 24, 2012

XRay Girl Rocks

XRayGirl is awesome. She and I also talk about anything and everything. We have lots in common and can relate to stuff, especially our pain in the butt 19 year old sons.

But we make each other laugh no matter what. I like that weeks can go by and we can start talking just like spoke a few hours before. She has a new job and works second shift in a town about an hour away and she also works about 5 hours of overtime, we rarely get to talk but when we do, it's just like we talk every day.

We can spend time together and tease each other. It's okay for us to laugh and cry together. I like the idea that you can't pick your family but can pick your friends and I'm so blessed that she and I picked each other!

Lovin' XRayGirl,


Bragger said...

That sounds like my friend the Warrior Princess. We don't work together anymore, but we pick up right where we left off.

Love the idea of writing about awesome women in your life!

Curley said...

She's a good sis-in-law too!