Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today would be her birthday

Today would be my mom's birthday if she were still alive. She'd be 64.

My mom was a wonderful lady, and a good mom. She had a rough last few years before she died, but until that point, she lived a cheerful and fun life.

She loved to read and do needlepoint. She was a social worker and was so good at that- a great blend of empathy, reality and sympathy. She loved her family. She was an amazing cook. She always wore bright colors. She loved her convertible and dogs. She had a wonderful voice and could sing beautifully, even thought she didn't like to sing in public. She could play the piano. She was artistic and could paint, draw, sketch. She did all my weekly assignments in 7th grade art class (except for 1 that my dad did) and I wouldn't have passed without her.

I love my mom. I miss her.

happy birthday mom!

Your daughter Maggie


Bragger said...

Sweet, sweet tribute to your mom.

Curley said...

Beautifully written. Thinking of you.