Saturday, April 14, 2012

Speedy process it's not

I feel like when I go to the local Speedway for fuel, it's a comedy of errors.

First, I want to say that about 6 weeks ago, they went to a pay at the pump policy. There were signs all the over the store and all over the pumps. It was on their big sign by the road and it was on local radio stations and in print ads. And once it became pay at the pump, there were still signs up.

I have a fuel card that I load money on because it give a discount. So I always put money on my fuel card and then swipe my "Speedy" card to earn points (which accumulate to free gas).

The first time I went for fuel in post pay at the pump, I went inside and loaded my fuel card and then neither my fuel card nor Speedy card worked at the pump. I had to go back in and they set it up from the register so I got fuel and my Speedy reward points while using my fuel card.

The second time, I went inside and loaded it up and at the pump it wouldn't read my Speedy card but it did take my fuel card so I didn't get any Speedy points. Bummer. I mentioned it to the girl at the register the next morning when I stopped for coffee (don't judge, it was on the way!) so she had me create an "alternate ID number" so when I went to the pump next time, I didn't need to use my Speedy card, I could just enter the alternate ID. O-kay.

So yesterday I went to get fuel, thinking third time's a charm. Uh... no. I loaded my card and at the pump I entered my alternate ID- and it worked. I swiped my Speedy card, and it worked! I pressed the button for the fuel grade I wanted and suddenly, before I touched the pump handle, the window that counts dollars add 4 cents. I hadn't even pumped anything. I know it's just 4 cents but this was the third time I had a problem. And when i tried to squeeze the nozzle to put in fuel it wouldn't work and then printed me receipt saying I spent 4 cents. WTH?!?

I walked back inside and asked Ashley for help. She said this pay at the pump has been a nightmare since it started so she walked out with me to the pump and between the 2 of us we managed to get everything working and properly after many starts and fits- we actually were cursing Speedy cards and laughing that we managed to beat equipment into submission! She went inside while I pumped. And because I go there almost daily for coffee she came back out with a cup of my favorite java, for free, for my troubles. What a SWEETIE!

I'll keep going there until all the fuel bugs are worked out. I can't be the only one with issues, right? And I'll go because they have amazingly wonderful customer service!



Curley said...

Sorry you had so much trouble. Hope it didn't make you late for work. If it wasn't for such high gas prices you wouldn't have to jump through hoops just to get gas.

Jimmie Earl said...

I still trade at Swifty where I can still pay for the gas with either my debit card or cash.
I have been told that Swifty gas has water in it. That I should go elsewhere to better gas. Well, the other day, there was a tanker unloading at Swifty when I left town and the SAME tanker (I know because I checked out the # and title of Co. both times) was unloading at Speedway when I came back into town. Do you suppose they drain the water out in the three blocks it takes to go from one to the other.
Goes to show how rumors can ruin a business, doesn't it?

Bragger said...

Good customer service is rare these days. I'd keep going there too.