Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look at this Photographer...

I've known Photographer since 1996. She was the president of the not for profit board of directors where I worked as a case manager. Our friendship evolved from there.

I admire her so much. She has had some horrendous health issues but she still keeps on going and doesn't let it beat her up. She's an excellent English teacher and I love it that we compare lesson plans, talk classroom management styles and ideas and we love to analyze literature, too. We can also share classroom horror stories and we both "get it"; nothing like a little bit of teacher commiseration!

She's an extremely talented photographer and I admire her work so much. She still make pictures rather than photo shopping her photos into art. I love to work for her and I've learned so much from her as well. I think my love of picture taking comes from her encouragement and lessons.

She's really creative and has a positive energy. She's quiet but involved in some really cool projects: she took a photography class with world renowned photographers and paid for it with a grant she got from the Lily Foundation, she's authored her own cookbook, she's lost about 100 pounds in the last year, she's an amazing cook, a dog lover, so funny, brilliant, and an excellent friend. She's the person I aspire to be. She's go giving. Really. And she genuinely cares about her friends.

I love her and am blessed to have her in my life.


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Jimmie Earl said...

I know Photographer, too. She is a wonderful human being. So caring, and full of good advice. It's a privilege to know her. (She also makes good yeast rolls.)