Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Big Jerk

We have a new English teacher. Well, sorta new. We had a new teacher at the beginning of the year because the former one went on adoptive leave. she's off this entire 2011-2012 school year. The first temp. replacement was here for about 4 months and then she left. She was offered a full time permanent position and who could pass that up? not her. It was also a huge pay increase for her, and teaching special education, which is her passion. We miss her. She was really good with out style of kids.

The principal and I thought that maybe I could get a temp teaching license and take the last 2 classes I need to get certified in this state (to teach). However, he later came to me and said I couldn't be hired because the Superintendent wanted someone with a license now. He thought that sucked and said he was sorry but at least he let me know up front. Amazingly enough, the Superintendent had a friend who needed a job and he happened to be an English teacher. Gee, what a coincidence!

This current guy- let's call him Jerk English Teacher- allegedly had experience with our kids, having worked at a juvenile justice school facility before. He's all cocky and full of himself. He's former military. he's very right wing, conservative, a know it all. He's... a jerk. He has ZERO classroom control or management. More kids during the course of a day either walk out of his classes or get kicked out or get in some sort of trouble. He's belligerent and aggressive with the kids. He doesn't seem to care if they bully each other and he's even made bullying comments to the kids. I do NOT like him at all. Most of the other teachers don't either. And I know that some administrators in our school don't. And I won't tell how I know this fact; I just do.

Because he's an English teacher, he brings his classes to the library once a week, for about 20 minutes each period. These are the most miserable 20 minutes of each period of my entire week. I try and have some structure in the library and get no support and backup. He lets the kids do whatever they want, and sometimes he even changes MY rules. Dude, is in MY library, in MY territory and he undermines me. That really ticks me off. I don't like it. I would never go into his classroom and do that to him.

I have to ask myself, though, is a confrontation with him really worth it. He's only here until the end of June, then the teacher on adoptive leave will be back- and she's amazing! Is he really worth my time or effort? I'm not sure. I'm pretty unpleasant to him at this point and I really don't care how that makes me look. We and I bumped heads the day he made fun a kid; I basically open fired on him in front of his class so they would know bullying was wrong and then I discussed the situation with my Principal who then met with the Jerk English teacher; the bullying seemed to stop, or at least in my presence. But the unruliness of his class is not fun. I thought about telling him that since he can't control the boys, then his classes are not welcome in the library until he he can. I dunno.

I just know that the next time he makes some sexist, conservative, smart arsed comment to me or near me, I might just not be my normal mild-mannered librarian self. I am open to suggestions.

In need of anger management,

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Mellodee said...

This is one of those situations where holding your tongue is probably the better choice, UNLESS something truly over the line occurs. It's the middle of April and the end of June will arrive quite soon. Those kinds of confrontations can blow up in your face with repercussions one never expects. Give yourself a break, and ride it out till he's gone.

IF however, for whatever reason, he doesn't go away as schedule and he continues to be a jerk, well, we women only have so much patience, so let him have it! (Then look out, Jerk!)