Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My schedule today

I know there are times when I write a "what I did today" because I have nothing to write and it can be a boring read. But seriously, here's my day. Really. I couldn't make this stuff up. This all happened between the hours of 7:30am- 4:30pm...
  • Hosted 5 classes in the library over three periods for National Library Week, and gave a presentation to each class
  • Burned about 24 CDs
  • Answered about 20 emails
  • Made about 10 phone calls
  • Started organizing a field trip which involved about a dozen emails, phone calls and meetings
  • proctored a GED student 6 periods (our whole day is 6 periods)
  • helped said GED student, who is sweet as can be but dumber than owl poop, write a business letter to a college she got into. Her first draft was in 22 point Curlz font, one long paragraph, no date, no signature, used only her first name, said "ya know", and full of slang. She thought it was business format because she didn't indent.
  • I subbed for 3 classes and rescheduled 5 others that were supposed to visit the library- they'll be arriving tomorrow
  • asked to do an art club activity at the last minute- we could call it an art emergency
  • recruited kids to do last minute art club activity
  • recruited adults to help with the murder mystery party
  • recruited adults to help with an origami artist and lecture luncheon
  • scheduled both above 2 events
  • cleared campus wide calendar for above 2 events
  • supervised emergency art club AND cleaned up the mess
  • broke up a boy fight
  • supervised 2 classes in 2 separate room, running back and forth between both, so bigger people than me can finish breaking up the boy fight
  • supervised 3 kids at lunch who had no supervision
  • dropped stuff off to my boss
  • visited the business office to get money and a task that usually takes me 5 minutes took 20 since one of the staff was out sick and I had to deal with a new person
  • washed a coffee cup
  • chatted with my mentee Girl
  • refereed girlie gossip and put a stop to that BS
  • checked out books, checked in books, helped kids find stuff to read, put books away- you know, library stuff

All that was at work...

AFTER work I

  • dropped off my taxes with my accountant
  • picked up my broken computer which is now fixed
  • dropped off projects I graded (for cash) to a fellow teacher friend
  • drank Starbucks
  • called and cancelled an eye doc appointment
  • called Mac's old college to get tax info
  • accepted a call to sub on Friday NEXT week

This doesn't count personal phone calls, dinner, blogging, driving, or answering emails.

I'm tired,



Curley said...

OK, you win the contest. Just reading that made me tired. No wonder you need that shot of Starbucks.

Bragger said...

You need (and deserve) a day off! Good to see you back in the blog world.