Saturday, April 21, 2012

The hunt for the perfect shoes

I think it's safe to say it's an obsession when I have people state wide hunting for a specific pair of shoes, and then taking that request to the Internet to have people world wide hunt for said shoes!

There are 2 girls at school who have these adorable shoes:

I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried on student's shoes on and figured out what size I need- a 9. I also found out the name of the stores where the girls bought them: one got hers at Marshall's and the other at Pamida. I obviously photographed the shoes. We wrote down the name brand: Rock & Candy. Then the search began.

I don't have either of these stores near me but the Future Husband Guy(maybe) has 3 Marshall's in a 20 minute drive of his house. Armed with the picture he went to the first one. They were out of the shoes altogether. He went to the second one and he found the blue version. The sales clerk said they were out of the pink and the clerk called the 3rd store and they too were out. (The clerks thought it was adorable that he had a picture of the shoes and was willing to go store to store to find them for me! And a woman in line behind him wanted to see the picture and pronounced the shoes "adorable!" And said he was "adorable" for hunting for me!) The clerk said they're supposed to get another shipment next month. Boo!

While he's running around the City hunting, I'm Internet searching, to no avail. I can't even find a picture of the shoes in this colour scheme! I did find more stores that carry the name brand and style, though. I told him that so tomorrow he's going to PacSun, Journey and Macy's to see what he can find. I love love love him for doing this!

And I really hope he finds the shoes.

And if anyone out there happens across a pair... well, I'd be eternally grateful!


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Mellodee said...

Spookily enough, I actually tried on a pair just like this yesterday! That was at a store called Sam Moon Imports. One of those anywhere near you? Austin is probably too far for you to go. :)