Monday, April 16, 2012

Major League Baseball will not be recruiting us any time soon

Mac and I share the attic and last night he was picking stuff up to head out with some friends, waiting for a ride, while I was sitting in bed reading. We were talking (actual chatting and not yelling). I was also eating left over Easter candy and asked if he wanted a mini-Reese Peanutbutter Egg; of course he said SURE- I mean, who wouldn't want one?

He was standing a good.... 25 feet from me. I was sitting under a slanted ceiling. There were ceiling fans, and between us a lamp. And he was sitting and I sorta couldn't see him very well, mostly just his hair. I told him I toss one over but to beware. It went about 10 feet and smacked the side of his computer. This was the worst throw in history- or so I thought. We laughed and he got it from the floor, and went back to where he was sitting. He asked for another and I attempted another toss. This one smucked the ceiling and landed on the floor at the foot of MY bed so it traveled a whole 5 feet. I was about hysterical and Mac got that one and then sat on my bed and thought he would try his aim, just to see if he could hit his queen sized bed on the other end of the entire attic, which runs the length of our house.

Mac wasn't much better. He managed to bounce it off his laundry hamper and down 2 stairs. The beds are on the far left of the room and the staircase is on the far right! This was completely in foul ReeeseCup Territory. We were both laughing to the point of tears, which probably didn't help matters any. His second one went on the floor in the middle of the room; he blamed it on the fact it was one that was already thrown and it had "smushed trajectory" working against his throwing arm. I told him one more and he managed to tattoo that sucker right into the center of his bed. It only took 5 tries before it reached it's destination.

All were a bit crushed, but still entirely edible. And lots of needed laughs were had... squishy candy and giggles with my kids. Cool.


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Curley said...

Sounds like fun. Giggles are always good for the soul. Oh, and chocolate too.